Welcome Everyone!

Welcome to the Blender Sub-Forum.

I am really excited to see what you all end up creating as you progress through the course!
Remember you will get out more the more you put in.

Share your work be proud of it, whatever stage you are at in the course and introduce yourselves.

Join in, helping out others the best you can!

When you are done here remember to hop back on over… Into Blender :smiley:


My name is Francisco and my goal is to one day be able to own a company that makes video games.


Hi all,
This is Chris Ng, I am keen to learn things that can help me in game dev ASAP, include 3D modeling, game logic, story board, VFX, game coding ect.

I am current on Section1, lecture 8

Happy Rendering~ (Blender) :heart_decoration: ~


What sort of Games are you interesting in making, do you have a favourite Genre?


Hi Chris! I love the enthusiasm to get going as quickly as possible! :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone,

My name is Gary. I am interested in learning how to make 3D models for VR, and to build VR content geared towards


Hello everyone, my my name is Jonathan. I just gained a lot of free time, so I am going to use it to learn 3D modeling/potentially for VR. I also make music so I am planning on using it for making album art/animations. I can also take renders as PNGs and turn them into wavetables for sound design!


Hi all,

Angela from New York City, USA here. I’ve been excited about VR and AR for a few years, initially when the NYVR (New York Virtual Reality) meetup launched.

Since then I’ve dabbled in Unity and Unreal, but wanted to explore and develop my 3D modeling skills, starting with the Blender course.

I also work at Augment, an augmented reality platform that lets you configure, manage, and view 3D models in real size in the real world. I’m excited to see the models I create in my environment!

In addition to the Blender course, I plan on taking the Unity or Unreal course to develop a VR project.

All that to say I’m happy to be here and learn from everyone. Please feel free to reach out and connect!


Hello Everyone I am Andy, I’m from the Midwest… I’ve been fumbling around with blender for a little while now using the tutorials videos on YouTube and haven’t gotten far… What I have learned I enjoy but looking forward to a more in depth and structured course! Cant wait to be able to put the ideas I see in my brain into 3D format.


Hello my name is Dario I am from Georgia and I am interested in 3D Modelling in order to learn more about game developing. I just got the vive and would like to learn some more of how to use it so I am trying out this course. as I work my way up to it.



My name is Ishmael Rufus and I have been a long time professional developer that is fairly new to game development. I have always had an interest in game development ever since I’ve touched I PC. I have had a great experience with the Unity course so I am investing time into 3D modeling. I have ideas for a 3D game but would love to build my own place-holders and models and get a better understanding of how 3D game development works.


Hello everybody!
My name is J.P. Turcotte, and I am from Quebec City, Canada. I have a B.A. in International Studies (International Management), and my goal is to start my own 2D animation studio. I just enrolled in the Blender Course to learn how to quickly prototype and iterate on my ideas. I am currently studying film, so I hope to become able to produce animatics with Blender. I am also interested in learning compositing and editing to assist my team and create value for my company. My hobbies are music, cinema, anime, and language learning. I love talking to people, so do not hesitate to contact me. Let’s support each other and have fun learning together!


A big hello from Colorado! :slight_smile: My name is Mishelle. I’m a game playing grandmother who has been working with computers since the dawn of time - or at least since the Atari 2600.

I’ve been interested in 3D modelling for some time, but really want to start playing with 3D printers.


Hey there i’m Dennis from Frankfurt Germany. I am taking this course to prepare for university in winter. I will start studying Media Design and Computer Science. Most likely we will operate with another 3D program called Maya from Autodesk, but I think it’s good to prepare the basics with Blender.
I’d like to somewhere animate or develop games, like most of us do. I’m interested in horror, fantasy genre building those dragons with spikes and zombies with scars.


Hello, my name is Luke Galutia,
i live in oklahoma city. I have been doing 3d animation since 2000. i started using blender around about that time as well, even back before it was bought by the open source community. i have been out of the game from 3d modeling and animation for around about 8 years. so i recently decided to get back into it useing blender, and this time committed to subscribing to professional modeling books and videos in order to increase my abilities. Blender seems to have come quite along way from the last time i really was active in it. it was amazing even back then, but it interface is WAY more useable now. i feel it is just as good as Maya, SoftImage, 3d studio max, and even better than lightwaves. not to mention FREE. :slight_smile: I am a Linux / Peoplesoft engineer for my day job, and sell art online at my website www.galutia.com.


Hi there,

My name is Rebecca, from New York. I am currently working on this corse as well as the Unity course in order to get a better understanding of each program and the visual side of game development, with the intent to work on a few projects.


Hello! I’m in Salt Lake City Utah, but have ALWAYS wanted to live in Ireland @Shane_Fleming - It’s actually a dream of mine. I learned some basic graphic design and coding stuff in High School back in Texas (where I’m from) but have recently just been teaching myself. I started when I was 14 doing some video editing and having fun with basic graphic design stuff, and have recently decided to go to my community college for a degree in animation/3D modeling/graphic design and things of that sort. Figured this would be a great way to learn something, familiarize myself with the program, and get my foot in the door before school starts! :slight_smile:


Hi folks, I’m just starting off with the Blender lessons. I am a teacher in Ireland and enjoy expanding my knowledge and maybe being able to expand students into using programs like these for expressing themselves!


Hey all, my name is Keyan, and I’m from San Francisco. I’ve been playing games and dreaming of making my own since childhood, and I’m currently working as a story writer at a small game studio. My roommate and I are hoping to start work on our first game soon, maybe as an experiment, maybe as something more if it pans out. He’s handling the code, and I’m learning 3D Modeling & Animation in hopes of contributing something other than immaterial design direction :slight_smile:

Nice to meet you all, and good luck.


Hello everyone, I’m Maxime.

Right now I’m a student in a video game project management Master’s Degree in France, my main skill is development from my previous degrees and work experiences, mainly in the web development.

I recently switched to the game development domain to fit more my passion as an avid gamer, and I decided to, on top of my education at school to check a few courses, on development (Unity and UE4) to enhance my skills but also on modelling out of curiosity with this Blender course. I really wanted to learn something that could make me a more polyvalent game maker and also to give me a better understanding of my co workers work in modelling.

It’s nice to see all kind of people here, and I hope to get some nice results, share it with people and help when it’s possible. Good luck and have a good day.


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