Welcome Everyone!



Hello! Everett from Florida here. Picked up this course to try my hand at digital sculpting, hoping to learn a lot from taking this. I’v always been a creative type, but this is my first formal introduction to digital art in one of its may forms. Im using a Huion H420 to work in blender. My ultimate goal is 3d fabrication and maybe get into a little animation. :slight_smile:


Hi guys, my name is Dan and I’ve just started the blender course. I’m a podiatry resident at a hospital in Long Island, NY and I’m looking for something to get my mind off the craziness of a typical work day. I love art and have always wanted to do 3D animation. This seemed like a great community/ place to start and I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a project. My goal is to eventually create a 3D animated short, like a minute or two long. Can’t wait to get started. Have fun guys.


Hello, my name is Bob Koonce and I’m from the Seattle area in Washinton state whitch is located in the United States. My interest in learning Blender is for a hobby. I’v watched a load of tutorials on youtube and I am hoping that I will learn alot more from this coarse.


Hi. I’m Charles. I took 3D animation courses waaaay back in Grad School (like in the early 90’s) but found 2d was much more to my liking so after twenty years of 2d animation I’m just getting back into the 3d animation scene and trying to relearn old skills while learning new ones.


Hi everyone, I’m from Australia, total beginner wanting to try out Blender to made 3D models for avatars and items, eg furniture, for use in PC games, also have more understanding of how Blender works so when I interact with real game developers I can understand what they do a lot better : )


Hi, my name is Michael. I work as an e-learning consultant at the University of Hamburg, Germany. I also teach visual interface design and scientific visualisation at the department for informatics. Now I want to make a step further into 3D. Great to have this course here, I’m looking forward to learn blender (once again :)).


Hello world! I am excited to start learning about blender. I am a musician by trade, though I have found myself learning new skills in the Programming world. I have found that programming allows you to be creative and solve problems at the same time. In my studies, I found that creating projects such as websites and games has been very rewarding. So naturally, I am curious to learn about 3D graphics. I don’t have any other reasons for learning this material other than I think it is cool.


Hello everyone! My name is Tomas and i’m from Argentina. I just got out of high school and i really don’t know what to study but i’ve decided that in the holidays i’m going to learn all the things that interest me, starting with animation. I’m super excited to begin this course and i hope to learn many cool things!


Hi everyone, Wilf here - developer from Sydney, hoping to be able to create 3d artefacts for use in UE4. I’m no artist so might struggle here, wish me luck!


Hello everyone,

My name is Giovanny Hernandez, I’m from America. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make 3D models and I figured this course would be ideal for me to learn. I’m also taking the complete unity 3D course and I would also like to be able to make some assets to use in those projects.


Hi I’m Azrah. I’m from Sri Lanka. I tried learning 3DS Max (mainly through youtube) a few years ago and managed to make a few models but nothing amazing. So i’m really looking forward to this course!


Hello everyone, I am Ayelen from Argentina, enter the course to learn how to model in 3D to print. I understand English but not parfeccion. Sorry if there are things wrong written.


Hi folks!

I’m really into VR at the moment and I’m literally blown away with areas/items/avatars people have made and would eventually like to make my own sometime soon. I always hear the name ‘Blender’ get thrown around a lot when I’m asking for help in that area, and I’ve watched a few YouTube videos and walkthroughs but they are quite difficult to keep up with, so I decided in this course to see how it goes.

Anyone else work and play in VR?


Hello Hello all,

Names Jenn,
Been a game artist for a few years now, but I mostly specialize in 2D, time to expand my knowledge and work with some 3D, Ive used programs like Maya and Max, but found it very hard to just jump into blender. Looking forward to this course and what I can learn from it.

On the side of this I am learning programming, and eventual goals are to create my own games and short animations.


Hello guys. Michael from North Carolina. I’m a photographer/filmmaker with my own business and i’m looking to become proficient with Blender to allow my business to offer Vfx and Animation to my customers. I may be asking lots of questions!!!


Hi everyone! I’ve just started the Udemy 'Complete Blender Creator: Learn 3D Modelling for Beginners" course. I’m interested in learning Blender so I can create 3D animations for science fiction stories. Just for fun in the near future, but with retirement in a few years, I’d love to be able to turn this into a home-based, part time business.


Hello everyone, i am indonesian. And want to learn a lot about 3D Modelling


Hi everyone!
At the moment I’m just looking to learn a new skill, initially as a hobby, but who knows, if I enjoy it, and feel as though I’m getting good at it, then I may look at how to use it professionally


Howdy folks, I’m Ludwig and recently I felt the urge to learn to make 3D art. I was just browsing some youtube tutorials about blender when I saw two guys explaining why their course was so good. I thought it was the youtube video I clicked but it was actually an add for this udemy course. So I clicked on it and here I am :smiley: I hope to be able to create some beautiful renders of girls and boys in a stunning 3D landscape someday. I feel very drawn towards animating too and making stories with my skills ^^
Now I’m excited to start this course. Bless you all!


Hi! I’m Francesca and I am interested in being a game artist as well as creating short animations. While this is only going to be a hobby for now, I hope to use my skills professionally in the future.