Welcome Everyone!



Good day!

(this feels just like the usual first day of class intro, except a little less awkward :smile: )

My name is Danielle and I am a full stack developer with a passion for games - especially the teaching and story telling capabilities inherent in the gaming experience.

I dabbled a little in Blender here and there, but I decided to dive head first into a comprehensive course when I realized that the assets for the game I wanted to create just weren’t there. This is my first real game and I want to learn as much as possible anyway.

Silver lining: now I’ll get exactly what I want and have another skill under my belt. Let’s go!


Hi all. I just started the CBC course today. I’ve had a little practice with Blender already.

My main goal is to make educational videos using 2D and 3D animation.


Hi everyone - I’m just starting out in Blender - my main experience is 8 years in Solidworks and a few in Rhino.
My day job is as a Product/Industrial Designer and part of what i want to explore Blender for is as an alternative visualization tool for my designs. But I’m also quite interested in how I could put my experience in 3D modelling into other areas and creative industries like modelling for gaming and movies.
Looking forward to it and hope to talk to some of you along the way.


Hi, I’m Victor. I’m a total beginner looking to delve into Blender. I’d like to use Blender to model and print my own creations for personal use, like as D&D miniatures


Hi everyone, I am looking forward to learn more about this amazing 3D modelling tool.


Hello everyone. I’m Marek and I’m student. I do Blender as hobby. And I’m taking this course to progress with my skill level and I hope that one day Blender will be my living.


Hello, my name is Ashton and I am a student. My goal is to improve my animation skills so that i can be an animator or work on video games


Hello, I’m Stu. I’m an aspiring game/VR developer and I’m learning to 3D model so I can make assets for my games. I would also like to learn to make short animations.


Hi there ! I’m Remy, artist and indie game dev. I’m happy to begin this course and I hope it will be useful for all of us. Keep it up guys, good luck !


Hello, i’m Leo and i’m from a small city in Brazil. i’m trying to learn 3D modeling, so i can make various mods for different games


Hello my name is wojtek and i want to be a game programmer but i also want to learn blender


Name’s DH and I’m looking to learn Blender to screw around a bit - hopefully can apply whatever I learn here to making assets for UE4.


Hi everyone!

My name is Jacob, and I recently started my game dev journey a couple of months ago. My goal is that, by the time I’m about 30 years old, I will fully be working in the gaming industry (I’m currently 21, so I’ve got some time lol). As of right now, I’m finishing my last year at the University of Iowa, where I will graduate in the spring with a B.S. in Physics, and minors in Mathematics and Psychology. I decided to take the Blender course to add on to my game dev journey, and be able to make my own models and environments in my games. I’m currently taking this course along with the Unreal Engine course offered through Udemy.


Hey all! Just started the Blender course, glad to join the community and learn more about this program. I’m currently working through the Unity 3D course as well while I learn more about game development to start making my own games.

I come from an illustration background and recently started working with a indie gamedev company doing concept art for them and it really motivated me to finally pursue game development, which is something I never thought I could do (which I now know is horribly incorrect).

Good luck to all of you on your courses! I’m looking forward to seeing what you all make.


My name is Johannes (Nickname “JP”) and I am a german based Theatre lighting designer. Since video (projection) is getting more and more important, and one need something to create video content and animation, I decided that Blender would be a great starting point. Industry standard in this field seems to be Cinema 4D and the Adobe suite, but this far too expensive for just getting started. And seemingly Blender can do basically everything Cinema 4D can, so why spend thousands of Euros?

Am really looking forward completing this course and getting in touch with fellow students who might happen to work in the same area of interest.


Hi all! My name is Amber and I’m from Michigan. I have a Bachelor degree in Digital Imaging (includes web design, animation, graphic design, etc.). Very broad. It has been several years since I have worked with 3D modeling and animation, and I miss it dearly. I have experience working with Cinema 4D (like I said, it’s been a few years) and I want to get back into 3D animation.

I am looking forward to learning all about Blender and what I can do/make with Blender. One day, I’d love to get into music video production/animation.



I’m Anastasia. I’m working on an immersive language learning game. And i’m starting this course to learn to create 3d models of characters and game assets.

The most challenging part would be modeling human emotions! Looking forward to the lesson about human face.

Good luck, everyone!


Hi everyone. I’m excited to learn how to Use Blender to design things for 3d printing. Happy to see so many people are active here, See you around.


Hey. I just picked up the Complete Blender Course. I am super excited for learning 3D modeling. I’ve been working on 2D art and animation for a long time now and finally decided to learn this new skill. It’s a bit overwhelming, but I’m super excited to learn, and eventually work in 3D.


Andrew From Little Rock AR here. Have used 3dMax in the past but the price is becoming prohibitive. I see the possibilities in Blender and am looking forward to using it and trying things out to see if the same tools are available.