Welcome Everyone!



Hello I’m currently starting the course right now because I’m looking to changing to 3d from 2d ( and because I need a job as well 0_0)


Hi everybody, My name is Mauricio, I’m from Mexico and I want to learn to use Blender mainly as a hobby but also because probably I can apply it to teach some topics.


It sounds great! I’m from Mexico too. I hope everything goes well with your thesis :grin:


Hello. I’m going to join this course to do some work in Blender 3D and maybe even make some animations. I’m excited to get started, as although I was interested in this program since I was 12, I never had any structured learning, until now.


Hey guys, I’m just beginning the course in Blender. I’m a complete novice at coding, animation and graphic design but excited to learn skills which could see me later achieve animation and design for games, music videos and films.


Hello all I am just starting out on my Cosplay 3d Printing and Modeling and would like to have lots of fun doing this. I have made some really cool things with my 3d printers from Lightsabers to Vaders Helmet and Captain Phasms working on the Armor and Finishing Boba Fett Jet Pack.


Hello All,
I’m Chris Cappella. It’s been a while since I’ve been doing 3d (We’re Talking Power Animator and original Maya). I’m a UX designer and I have been working with a 3d artist at work doing some web AR (augmented Reality) stufff. It has sparked my personal passion in 3d again. Blender is great for personal enthusiasts like myself, but I am really rusty when it comes to even simple modeling.

I would love to created my own AR game someday. Something simple, fun and addictive.


I’m Sam Collier from Brooklyn, New York City, I have very little 3D experience but I have enjoyed using Unreal Engine 4 and C++ I am missing the art aspect of my game and so I think that this course should help out with that.


Hi all, I’m from Denmark. Doing a little brush-up on blender here. Haven’t been doing much 3D for a couple of years.


Hello everyone! I am Florida in the US. I would like to use Blender to make impactful 3D videos to portray topics and experiences the world may not be aware of.


Hi, I’m from Sweden and I’m interested in learning Blender in order to be able to study 3D game art at university next year (hopefully). I have never done any 3D work before, and I’m a bit scared I won’t be able to learn, but I’m giving it a shot, which is all anyone can ever do, I guess!


Greeting, I’m Anthony from Italy and I’m interested in 3D sculpting and 3D animation, so I asked myself why not start to learn something with a course, so here I’m.


Hi everyone. My name is Kirk and I’m from Dallas, Tx. This is my first real attempt at 3D modeling. I’m mostly interested in printing out what I create. Not as much into the animation. Mainly I’m interested in creating characters for D&D and other games. Also for prototyping some Jigs and ideals I have.


Hi guys!
Starting on 3d recently! Actually to bring 2d game on the next level!


Hello! Everyone
I’m Allan. I’v bean wondering what’s behind a game for a long time, so I want reveal it for myself.


Eric Here. Hello to everyone!


Greetings and salutations.
I am here to learn blender interface and solid object modeling to produce personal use items with a 3d printer.


Hi guys! I’m Daniel and currently a software engineer in South Australia. Keen to diversify my skills so I can make some quality assets for games I develop in Unity. Complete artistic noob, looking forward to becoming familiar with the best free 3D tool out there! :slight_smile:


¡Hola everybody! I’m just a college student wanting to learn more skills in my free time and Blender has been keep getting my attention so here we are. umu


Hello everyone, I am Jason.
Blender is just so interesting and
I wish I can make some moving pictures to better demo my products
or present my project design.

See you around.