Welcome Everyone!



hi, i am sangyun. i am completely beginner of blender also 3d modeling as well. i would like to make organic shape finally. good luck to me and also you guys.


Hi Everyone!
I’m Aleksandr and I’m beginner of blender. I want to create own game project and make 3D objetcs myself.


Hello from Florida, USA
I’m Gerardo. I want to expand my tool arsenal, I use Maya, Mudbox, 3dsMax. I want to learn Blender because Autodesk products are very expensive.


Hi everyone! My name is Marc, I’m 14 years old, and I don’t really have any experience in 3D stuff, apart from building in Roblox from time to time, which is a great but not professional 3D modelling software. I’ve watched some videos on Youtube about Blender, and it seems pretty complicated but fascinating!

I don’t have any particular goals for now, but I’m hoping I can earn some money in the near future if I learn fast enough. Money is not my main goal, but I really like computer science in general and it would be great if it can make me earn some money. I mean if it’s something I like, why not? :wink:

So I’m hoping that, with some hard work, I’ll get comfortable with Blender quickly and soon make some great things. :slight_smile:


Hi all!
My name is Lucas and I am looking to start modeling historical items ranging from muskets to hats using blender. My main reason for this is that their is a lack of quality historical models available or in use and I hope to help change that.


Hello, I’m Andrew.
I’ve been studying programming in games, and I’ve decided to take up this course to get a grasp of 3D art that I can put to use in side projects and game jams, and get a deeper look at working with other artists.


Chris G. Williams here. Just started the course. I’m planning to use Blender to make 3D Printable gaming terrain. Total Blender noob.


Hello every one, Just starting this course along with “3D learn to code while making a game”. I’ve always had an interest in developing a game along with VR games. Hence using this as a foundation grow this new interest and hobby. I am looking forward to learning new skills and let my imagination run rampant. :slight_smile:


Hi peoples! I’ve been interested in 3D animation and effects for a while now. I just had my ** birthday I decided to put boot to rear and do more about this. So this course seems like an excellent place to start. I wish all of you good luck in this endeavor and hope to make it out of this with most of my sanity intact. :slight_smile:


Just saying hi!



I’m here to tackle yet another course in Udemy, this time to learn Blender. I love the Udemy courses because they really make it easier to understand and follow along and also have a great support system if you get stuck.


Hi everyone!

I am new to blender and would like to learn and understand 3-D space and modeling :slight_smile:

Happy to meet you all!


Hello :slight_smile: I’m here to get better at using Blender for 3D modelling and animation.


Hi everybody.
I’m here to learn more about 3D modelling and animation to prepare myself for when I’m studying game design next year. I’m very excited!


Hello everyone,

I am an old man but a long time computer nerd. I work in logistics and application engineering so Blender has absolutely nothing to do with my career. I fell into Blender after a discussion with a friend about 2D sprites and why few people fake 3D any more because actually using 3D objects is easier and less resource intensive (I have no idea if this is true but the argument was convincing.).

I downloaded Blender to see what tools were being used for 3D modeling and immediately realized that this was an incredibly powerful tool. One that I had no clue how to use.

I am not sure what I want to do with the information and skills I hope to learn from this course, but I haven’t been so immediately interested in anything for quite a long time.


Hello everyone, my name is ivan and i’m here to start learning blender because i want to be able to make my own 3d models such as dragons, not only that, since i’ll be a game developer as well, i am a youngster and of course my goal is to know how to use blender by the end of this course, i hope i have a great time just as everyone did or does :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I am Jan and my goal is to become 3d artist


Hey, all! Name’s Mark and I’ve been a fan of animation since I was a kid, though I’ve never been good at 2d. I’ve always wanted to be either a Game Dev or an animator, so Blender’s the perfect avenue for me to sink my teeth in.

I’ve been sitting on this lecture for over a year now, but I’m tired of waiting for the ‘right moment’ and decided to finally jump in.


Hi, everyone! My name is Alan, I’m from México wey haha. Well, I want to improve my 3D skills with this course since i’m developing an augmented reality app and my main objetive is to design my own 3D models. I hope to get better my english skills too :smiley:.


Hi everyone! My name is Stephen and I have been away from Blender for a little while to work on other projects. I’m looking forward to jumping back into modeling and hopefully printing my models! :slight_smile: