Welcome Everyone!



I am William and I am new to Blender and looking to build things for Cosplay on my 3d Printers. I have made some things and went to Comic Con LA last weekend as Dr. Doom and loved it. My Instagram is burns_2d_prodects if you want to connect.


Hey Everyone!
My name is Ben and I am a 2nd year engineering student from Melbourne, Australia.
I would really love to start my own business doing 3D modelling and prototyping using a 3D printer. I am interested in starting my own company so I can work my own hours.


Hello everybody,

I’m using Blender about a year ago, but still a beginner, i hope i get a great push forward to be a professional in this field to, of course, earn some money :slight_smile:


Hello al!
Strong after effects user and video editor. New to Blender but excited to get stuck in!


I’m back after a long break with a better pc. Got to the human face section, but I’m going to start at the beginning and run through the lot. I know it’ll be good because I already enjoyed it last time :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, my name is Eric, also go by Duninn. I am determined to become a level designer so I have started taking several courses for that. I like the idea of creating some more of my major assets using blender, so that is where I am starting. I will also be delving into UE4 to create said levels, as this is my preferred platform. I look forward to our discussions and making a few connections along the way.

O, and my preferred art style is low-poly.


Uh… Hello my name is Jessica. I’ve started taking these courses because my dream is to become a 3D Animator and designer. I started using MMD a while back and I use it a lot… I’m not good at this XD but yeah. my style is anime-ish mmd-ish


Sounds neat, can’t wait to see some


There’s this game I like to play and its low-poly, It’s called FE. It’s one of my favourites and it might give you some inspiration :grin:


Got a link? More than happy to check it out, need inspiration for materials anyhow haha!


Nvm found it, game looks beautiful. Great art.


Nice! It’s https://www.ea.com/en-au/games/fe


Oh haha… The art is really amazing


Hello guys, This is Anirudh Pappu. I am currently in 9th grade at Coppell High School. I am doing this Blender course for better understanding in Computer Modeling in Blender. I am doing a BPA event that requires me to understand a little about Computer Modeling.


Hello everyone, I’m Kelly and I’m currently a graduate student. I gained an interest in 3D Modeling when I was an undergraduate a few years ago. I have some slight experience using Siemen’s NX software, but I’m really rusty. So, I’m looking forward to learning about 3D Modeling from scratch with Blender. I’m learning more about 3D Modeling because I’m interested in it as a potential career choice.


Hello everyone, my name is Matt and I’m an aspiring game developer. I want to use Udemy to enhance my skills so I can be more competitive in the Game Design field! Specifically in art


Hello, my name is Phi and I’m a content creator on IMVU and Second life… I do not do 3D modelling there but hoping to learn! I do it as a hobby and also business. I have been interested in learning 3D modelling for years but always found it difficult to learn just off YouTube so I decided to sign up here. I’m hoping to learn the basics and more from this course. :grinning:


Hello my name is Robert and I am new to blender. I am very excited to learn how to use this software and can’t wait to begin. My goal is to create special effects for videos that I create in the future.


Hello Folks,

My name is Phoenix. I am looking forward to learn how to use blender for 3D modelling. This is mostly a hobby for me, but I wanted to learn more for the virtual world Second Life. I have been designing in that realm for a little over two years and would like to take things to the next level. I also would like to learn more for future projects. Kind Regards.


Hello everyone! My name is Wayne and I am an Energy Modelling Technician and draughtsman.

I absolutely love creating virtual objects and spaces and have been doing so for over 10 years now using various CAD software. My goal now, is to ,master the virtual world of 3D modelling and animation so that my ideas and visions can be made and I can share a part of my imagination with the world. I hope to soon have the right skills to share my virtual universe with all of you. Greetings and Best Wishes! :v::alien: