Welcome Everyone!



Hey guys! My name Ryan from Calgary Alberta. I am totally new to the animation scene. Ever since I watched Toy Story I have been hooked and amazed at what people can do in 3D animation. My goal is too create stunning models and animations that I can share with the world. Looking forward to this lesson. Talk to you later.


Hi Everyone, this is Gaurav Pandey and I am quite excited to learn animation and 3D modelling. Just few minutes back, I have subscribed the tutorial and hoping to find them interesting. My main aim after learning course is to create a short animated clipping. Let’s see if I can do that…!!


Hello Blender community! I am taking this course as an absolute beginner to Blender. My goals are to become familiar with the system and unleash some creativity in 3D modeling.


Hello everyone. I am Brenton Stumpf. I have practiced with blender and Maya in the past. I decided to take the plunge and learn how to use 3d modeling programs better. I have an idea for a short film that I think would work rather well with 3d.


Greetings from Washington State. Is this the blender I use for Margaritas?


Hai my name is Nurhudayati Mardiam from Indonesia. Nice to meet you


Greetings from the United Kingdom! Going to college next year to study Games Art so trying to get a leg up and learn Blender now. Would like to work in the games or film industry doing 3D modelling or Animation!


Jay Cisneros, from San Salvador, El Salvador.

Pleasure to meet you all.


Hello from Vancouver, BC :smiley:
I’ve worked in motion graphics for over 15 years mostly in 2D. You can see my work here if you’re curious. I’m hoping to get over my fear of 3D and expand my skills.

Future learning goals include UI/UX, Unity, and Unreal Engine.


Hello from Poland, I’m Maciek and I’m currently taking the Unity 3D course. I’ve decided to do a little side quest with blender to spice up my game designs.

If you’d like to see my games and projects, visit my itch page.


Hey everyone,

I’m currently working in the games industry but looking to improve my skill set by adding 3D modelling and Unity (doing the RPG course alongside this which is also great) :slight_smile:


Hi there. I am a student of many online courses trying to find my home in the game industry and have decided that i would like to work on Level design. Environments and weapons buildings and basically all types of items / zones / characters for Unity assets. I am about to start working with blender and looking forward to what this course has to offer as an intro. I have worked with unity extensively and am tired of free assets or bought assets which are terrible. I have a lovely PC workstation and am looking to use it to full potential with 3d modeling. I hope this course will help me begin that journey. I have completed many unity courses but to progress i will not be happy until i have my own made assets and levels. Also i am very competent with pixel art.


Hello there,
my name is Gait and im Tunisian.
Very happy to see that there are a lot of new studends every week, there are posts here that proves that people are very intrested in the 3D world such as me.

I always loved the 3D art and but never had the chance to study it.
This online course will allow me to study and keep my full time job at the same time, looking forward to meet most of you and maybe to create some beginners contents in order to help each other improve.


Hey there,
My name is Gil and I have been experimenting with the world of computers since I was 11, and haven’t stopped ever since. My goal is to work at Nintendo, making videogames and 3D models.


Hello and good day,
I’m Christopher James, but you guys can call me Toff.
I would like to expand my knowledge other than programming, so I tried this Blender course.
I’m interested in software, game, and mobile development.

Nice to meet all of you!


Hey there,

I’m V. Lately I’ve developed an interest in 3D modelling. Especially in making 3D game assets. 3D modelling is the farthest thing to my occupation. However, I’m hoping to learn a great deal about it :slight_smile:



Yo yo yo.
Looking forward to learning 3D modelling to boost my game dev skills. Especially the 3D pipeline.


Hello, I’m jeff i’m just looking to learn blender to add a tool to my tool belt when in my art direction career


Hi there, I’m Adelina
I’m passionate about games and VR games are becoming more and more interesting.
This is why I thought it would be nice if I started to learn a bit about how to create the actual models that they use.
I’m looking forward to learn a lot! :blush:


Hi, I’m here to learn how to make 3D graphics for games! I’m really excited to start.