Welcome Everyone!



Hi Folks, im Ben

I like to work as Digital Artist, coming from Python and C++ boring coding to Creative Works on Photoshop and Gimp. I got new Contacts they all search good CGI Artists and i have a lot of good Ideas but need to get the Skillz to get the Projects Done :slight_smile:


Hey yall, I’m Nate and I just want to do this to create my own game mods


hello everyone, I’m Alea

just hear to see what 3d mods all about.


Hello everyone. Yellow Springs Ohio here.


Hey y’all,

My name is Edward Matyja. I only started really getting into graphic design and 3D modeling about 3 weeks ago. Within that time I’ve mostly been creating personal things like simple isometric designs that my friends and I use as our wallpapers for our phones and computers, or simple, low-ploy assets to use for video game creation; nothing too wild.

I’ve designed a t-shirt for an upcoming hackathon at the college near me, and I’ve created a low-poly humanoid character for a short video game that one of my friends and I plan to make in the [near] future. That’s the extent of my experience in the design field.

Ideally, my career goal is to create my own video game company. The twist is that I want to create at least one game from every known genre of video game. It’s a big feat that I absolutely don’t intend to do alone, but that is my dream.

I’m excited to gain more knowledge of 3D modeling and animation to help me in the future!


Hello everyone.
I’m Stefaniia, from Russia, and I am a boarding student in China. I am really excited to learn how to create 3D models because my future major is game design and for my first days of university life I want to come prepared. :sweat_smile: I hope I won’t stay behind since it is my first ever time trying out something like that.


Hey everyone, I am John.

I have been working creatively since I was very young, I have played many instruments and I have a bachelors degree in Audio Engineering. While my educational background primarily focuses on audio and the parts of the the entertainment industry that revolve around it I have always been interested in programming and visual arts, and quite frankly you would be surprised at how similar the workflow here is to the workflow in a music studio. Lately I have been broadening my C# programming knowledge using Unity as a learning platform and I have come up with quite the basis for something cool. Now I am dipping into the one area I have never really tried, 3D modeling! I am very excited to see what I can come up with, and I am excited to start exploring.


Hello, my name’s Ryan.

I don’t have a fancy career related story like most other people; I’m simply here to pursue a hobby that has become a passion. I love bringing my ideas to life, and would like to expand my knowledge in Blender and Unity, which is why I’m happy that I found these courses.


Hey Guys, my name is Raphael, am new here. I want to become a professional 3D artist. I have used blender before. But i just wanted to get a full grip of it.


Hi everyone!

I am Jesse from Finland and I’m trying to learn 3D modeling so that I can create my objects, scenes and so on into my games. I am a secondary high school student and also learn programming and other ICT related stuff at school. I hope I get the hang of this :smiley:


Hi everyone, my name is Annie. I’m from Kiribati & Marshall Islands all the way from the middle of the South Pacific(somewhere close to Fiji and Hawaii). I chose to take and learn blender 3D because its powerful and free. I am actually curious on how to make it so that i can make animations dedicated to my home (promote the use of software to my people) . I am currently doing masters degree in Computer Sci from Illinois.
Anyway, nice to meet you all…


Hello! I’m Yvonne (or Vonn). I am interested in any kind of art, especially digital art, and I think Blender is a great way to learn 3D modeling!


Sup fam.

My name is Nia. I’m here because I want to create 3d environments that reflect and predict the black american experience.



Hello everybody! I know a few basics of blender and would like to learn the program more in dept to use for architecture design and animation. Have fun guys!


Hello Course Friends


Hi everyone, my name is Grant.

I am learning 3D Modeling with the goal of creating my own games and launching myself into a new career.


Hi Guys! My name is Melvin.
I want to learn 3D Modeling because I want to learn more about CAD, and also possibly create video games.


Hello everyone,
I’m Quentin, developer since a little bit more than 9 years, mainly working for business applications.
Today I look forward to rejoin a little bit with my artistic skills (at least the little bit of it I have) to start to do something else that I like apart from computer science, drawing. My first objective is to start to make some 3D modeling, then maybe some animation and finally I’ll link it with computer science to intent to do some free educational video games :slight_smile:.
Let’s have fun creating, glad to be a new part of this community.


Hello everyone, my name is Gerard. I’ve never been working with 3d program before and my goal is to be able to make 3d model.


Hi Everyone :wave: My name is Tomasz and I am totally new to 3D modeling :see_no_evil: I’m doing this course out of curiosity as I find the topic very interesting and who knows… maybe it will become my new passion :crossed_fingers:

See you around :eyes: