Welcome Everyone!



Heya, I’m a newbie here. I’m eager to learn and enjoy myself on Blender.


Welcome, just joined my self


Hi, I am Sid and I am a mechanical engineer. I work in the aerospace industry and have worked on some CAD tools but want to explore the gaming industry. I am looking forward to learn a lot here.



Hi Everyone,
Really excited to be here and can’t wait to get to started and meet up with you guys. looks like I have finally found my second calling after all these years :laughing: (No more excuses)


Hello! I’m getting back into computer graphics and 3D modeling is something I haven’t touched in over 10 years. Looks cool.


Hi Fellow Learners!

Finally got round to the Blender course, been wanting to do this for ages. I noticed that Blender is releasing a new version soon - lots of videos on Youtube about it, the demos look amazing - though a bit concerned that what I learn here may not be relevant to the new version. :thinking:


Hello guys, I’m Jomarie and I am so glad to be part of the community.
My goal is to learn while exploring my curiosity of Blender step by step and hopefully be able to achieve my dreams of creating my own 3D models and animations. :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m in New Orleans, Louisiana, US. I’m taking the blender course to make things for my avatar in Second Life. I am a rank beginner so wish me luck! :smiley:


Hello everyone, my name is Rob. I am looking to learn how to 3D model to use to create functional 3D printed parts as well as to learn a new skill in general.


Hi Michael and everyone!
Name is Chuck (CodersExpo on YT). I’m a developer and love working on games in my spare time. Someday I hope to do it full time. I want to learn Blender for the 2D/3D animation and modeling because a game isn’t much fun to play without digital assets :slight_smile: My hope is to share my skills and enthusiasm with my two boys and other kids in my community. The future is very much about interactive UI’s, VR/AR, AI, etc…


Greetings everyone, My name is Wade. I’m familiar with many 3d programs for cad/cam and have always wanted to learn Blender but felt overwhelmed with the interface. I tried a few years ago using a book but it just didn’t click for me. Since then Blender has released a few new versions and I figure I’ll give it another try. I’m really hoping me learning will encourage my son to try as well. We’ll see.


hello Rob and welcome! :slight_smile:
I’m a newbie as well. :smiley:


Hi guys!

My name is Naomi, I am from the Netherlands and I am currently in my fourth year of the study Game Development. I am here because my education does not offer any 3D modeling or art lectures and therefore I would like to learn some. That being said I am a complete beginner at this but I would love to learn!

I hope to get along with you all!

With Love,



Welcome Naomi, I just started learning blender myself. Happy learning!


Heyo everyone! Or to whoever bothers to read more than 2,5k welcoming posts that this thread has.
Well anyway, I’m here to learn about making models, animate them and then have some bubblegum.

Every kind of critique on whatever misery I showcase to you guys is welcome and I actually want them.


Hey all,
I am a graphic designer who typically use flat graphics and motion graphics, looking to expand my skill set into 3D.


Hey everyone!
I’m Megan and have always done 2D art and am very interested in learning 3D modeling in Blender.


ayye hello to all

my name is timmy, i am a music producer who puts kind of musical vignettes out everyday, and i want to learn how to create my own virtual 3D avatar and world as a cool vehicle to present music i make, kind of like Gorillaz meets Wind Waker meets James Blake i guess

i have no prior 3D experience and am looking forward to screwing up lots :smiley:


Hi, Seth here. I’m interested in learning Blender so that I can make models of my clothing designs.


Hi! I’m Robert and I’m taking this course, because I’d like to make a music video with mixed CGI and real footage. I have a little experience with Blender already, but I’d like to feel more confident with this awesome software.