Welcome Everyone!



Hey gang! My name is John. I’m a software engineer in San Francisco looking to learn a new skill. I’ve never been very artistic, but I’m hoping to change that with this course.


Hi I’m Alex from Lima, Peru
I’m studying medicine but I’ve always liked video games and animation.
I’m taking this course because i want to learn 3D modeling so I can make mods for my favorite games or animations for youtube.
A friend of mine told me about this course and this is my first time taking a course via internet so I’m very exited
I hope to make new friends in this course so if you want you can talk to me
Good luck and have a nice day n.n


Hi John!

I’m a programmer and want to learn some 3D Art skills. Hope to see your progress!


Great! How far along in the course are you?


I’m nearly to finish section 2. What about you?


I just started. Basically just got everything installed.


hello everyone, just getting started with blender lecture. Very new at this. Looking forward to animate some simple monsters.


Hey everybody. My reasons for taking this course are to develop my artistic/modeling abilities for future game design. Ultimately so I can create my own assets to put into future games. Learning new skills while having fun doing so is what is so exciting about taking these types of courses.


Starting over on the course after a long vacation. Always wanted to do graphics for games.


Hello Everyone, i went to school for 3d animation and after feeling like a failure for the last 2 years, i’m feeling motivated, and I will make my dream of being a vfx artist come true!


Hello everyone, greetings from Brazil. I’m Rene. 26, studying Computer Science and taking this course to improve my poor skills in 3D modeling. My goal is to become proficient in organic modeling. Nice to meet you :wink:


Hello everyone, my name’s Alexis and I am from France.
I am taking htis lecture in parallel of the Unity course, I would like to try to at least get a feel of most aspects of video game creation. Never been much of an artist, but I’ll give it a go !
Nice to meet everyone !


Hi everyone! My goals for this course will be learning to create original creatures and landscapes. I hope one day to incorporate it with Virtual Reality. I would love to submerge people into a world I created!


Hi everyone, Evan from NC. I am taking the first steps towards a career in 3D design, and hope this is the right starting point for me. Wish me luck!


Hello, I’m taking this course to learn a new way to create art. I enjoy sculpting, and this is basically digital sculpting, so I’m excited to give it a try! :smiley:


Hello, I am new to Blender and I wanted to take this course to learn a new way to create art. I feel excited to see what comes next.


Hello, My name is Dammie, i’m new to blender and would love to use it for animation and modelling.


Hi Everyone

i am new to blender and i would appreciate it, if you could help me


Hi Names Luis. I am an artist trying to get into game design. I have skills with concept and level design, and trying to learn how to make 3D models


Hi, my name is Kwabena, and I’ve been interested in 3D animation for a long time. I searched far and wide for tutorials from various sources but to no avail. I hope this is the tutorial and community I’ve been looking for to take me to the highest I could ever go.