Unity / Visual Studio 2017 not reloading project changes


I noted recently that after creating new scripts within Unity (2018.2.14f1 and 2018.3.0b8) they did not seem to appear within Visual Studio as they normally would.

I spent some time checking settings, uninstalled/reinstalled Unity 2018.2.14f1, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Tools for Unity, but the outcome was the same.

Closing Visual Studio and then re-opening it would see the new files added. As a test, I created a new script within Unity and then opened the project file (Assembly-CSharp.csproj) with a separate text editor and could confirm that the changes to the file had been made, the new scripts that I had created within Unity were listed, this seemed to suggest that the project was not being reloaded within Visual Studio.

Turning on Show All Files within Solution Explorer showed the newly created script files in the correct directories, but these were displayed as being excluded from the the project.

This evening I reported the issue on the Visual Studio support site, and then later found someone else had posted the same issue a few days before and that there had been a response from the Visual Studio team. They have confirmed it to be an issue with Visual Studio Tools for Unity. The issue has apparently been fixed and is waiting for release.

I hope this information saves a few other people the time I have invested in trying to resolve this locally.

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Just as an update to this, I contacted Sebastien and was provided with a URL to a preview version, this resolved the issue perfectly and Unity and Visual Studio are now behaving themselves again.

I responded to Sebastien and asked whether it was permitted to share the URL so that anyone else in our community experiencing the same issues could download the preview version also, prior to an official fix being rolled out. He stated that they would prefer that it was provided on demand at this time and asked me to not publicly share the URL, respecting that, I would suggest contacting him directly should you want this preview version which resolves the issue.

In the link above, if you look at the comments you will note that Sebastien has added contact details, should you want to request the preview version to resolve the issues now, he does tend to respond quite quickly in my experience - his contact details are : vstusp[AT]microsoft[DOT]com.

Visual Studio needs to not be running when you run the installation (SyntaxTree.VisualStudio.Unity.vsix), after installation the Visual Studio Tools for Unity should display as version

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Type or namespace State could not be found

I have just received a notification to indicate that this has now been fixed as of version 15.9.3, it also resolves the duplicate loading of open files when the solutions are reloaded;

Details can be found here:

Visual Studio will automatically notify you when the update is available;



After installation;

After upgrading there is no further need to request the preview version mentioned in the above post. :slight_smile:


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