UE4 RPG Course

You’ve done one of these for Unity, and I’d be very interested to see that content brought over for a course in UE4 for those of us interested in some demonstration of how to work with those concepts in UE4’s tools.


This is an excellent course idea. Make an intermediate to advanced course using C++ and Unreal for inventory, quests, XP, player levels, combat etc., would be something I would pay for.

There is also mining/harvesting with crafting. It could have co-op and /or free for all multiplayer, up to a fixed number of players. Maybe even factions. The opportunities are endless.

Please think about this one folks.


maybe a BP course to do a game like the witcher 3, maybe this would help

[Quest system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLdxFr8OlWk]
[dialog system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBZN71APYX8]

and a combat system like witcher 3 or dark souls?

I would buy it! please make it happen :’)

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Definitely. I’d happily pay for a course on creating and implementing RPG systems (quests, dialogue trees, skill trees, and other RPG mechanics) in Unreal with C++ and blueprints.


As would I. I am currently fumbling through trying to build my own RPG and would greatly appreciate an RPG course for UE4 and C++.


As I mentioned, I am working on building an rpg and have a lot of the systems worked out. First Attempt at an RPG

If anyone wants any help on how to get one rolling, feel free to ask.

+1 on the RPG game for UE4 - but please make it blueprint based. There are very few GOOD courses on UE4 that focus on building with blueprints. Most of the courses that I’ve found are basically just walking you through how they did something and not explaining or teaching the actual content.

So, no matter what type of RPG / RPG Horror / what ever - just make a GOOD training with UE4 using blueprints.

+1 UE4 RPG in C++

I’d buy this on day one.

Well, Ben - this is a popular one. What do you say? :slight_smile:

Great Idea!! Would love to see an Action Adventure/ RPG course where I don’t need to translate every single bit of logic from some horrible set up BPs! Of course I’d love to have it being in C++!

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Man that would be great! Translating the unity one to a C++ Unreal course would be just fine! Add online coop multiplayer and I’ll go crazy.

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100% would pay for this. This concept is the whole reason I have been spending months trying to learn Unreal, Level Design, Programming, Blender. Would love to see Beginner Portion be on Character Dev, Neut NPC Dev, Hostile NPC Dev, optimized world development for multiplayer. Intermediate content Inventory, Loot, Currency, proper State Machines, AI Trees, Quest Development. Can’t even comprehend what the advanced content would entail. C++ should be the core with proper blueprint practices. Seems like so many videos just toss in blueprints when C++ is more efficient for certain tasks. BPs have their place but often overused.

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+1 I’d love it :smiley:

This would be pretty awesome!

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It needs to happen!