First Attempt at an RPG



I am still fairly new to UE4 and C++, have only been programming for 5 months when I started the Unreal Engine course offered by the GameDev team. As I have posted a couple of times, I have been working on an RPG in UE4 and have prototyped many of the systems now, minus NPC interactions (although most of the groundwork is there) and combat. Any suggestions or pointers would be most welcome as well as questions on how my systems are set up. Also, for some reason my music stops playing when I begin to interact with my objects. Thanks!


UE4 RPG Course

Good stuff, thanks for sharing.

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Cool, good luck with the project.
My one tip: maybe add something like a small dot in the center of the screen to make it easier to point towards an item when picking it up. Nice work! :slight_smile:




I will definitely look into that, I do agree it is a little hard to know when you are going to hit an item from the line trace. Thanks!


Current State:

I have a working 3 hit combo that can get the skeletons and deal damage as well as use a power attack on the third attack of the combo which deals extra damage in exchange for Stamina. Next up, I need to change my Heal Regeneration, Mana Regeneration, and Stamina Regeneration from using Tick to using Timers (I am really bad at timers lol). Currently they regenerate way too fast using Tick.

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Current State: I have a working Melee based AI that attacks, dies, and follows the player.

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Just realized I never posted my goal lol. My goal is to have a working prototype ready my the end of this month with a quest to kill the skeleton lord. Then, over the next two months, I plan on scoring all of the music and submitting this for my PHD application in music composition. That’s my Finish it goal.

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Thanks for sharing with us. Its good to see how the game is coming along.

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Thanks! I just finished my first take on a dialogue system, however, since it isn’t expandable to other NPC’s I will eventually have to build a new one. This is just something to keep me going until my portfolio is completed.


Completed my Demo level! Working on the music now.

I’ll be uploading a demo to anyone that wants to try it soon


Thanks for sharing your progress, it’s good to see the improvements in your game.

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Wow, it’s been a while, however, I finally finished my soundtrack (just in time for my Doctoral Apps)! I have plans to continue developing the combat system by adding shields and magic. I also am working on a better system for npc dialogue, one that I can plug into more npc’s for future levels. Lastly, I plan to add more boss mechanics. Anyways, I hope people enjoy the music!

Also, for anyone interested in hearing the full tracks:

Finished RPG single level

Now, that I have finished my applications, I am back at it and have finally stopped putting off the spells! I’ve spent a good deal of time reworking the weapon from a single component that does everything to a component that just holds everything lol. weapons are now actors, while this way is a little bit worse I feel for melee, it is significantly better for the bow (for me anyway). It is much easier this way to get the arrow to line up where I want it too. The bit there at the end is to show that the new dot applied removes and destroys the old one.

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Don’t give up! Keep it up!


Wow, this music is very nice. :drooling_face:

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