This is kind of a work in progress , but I would like your opinion!

I still need to add some textures for the grass too
you can give your opinion on whether you like it or not

  • nice
  • can do better
  • not that nice
  • not nice at all
  • very good

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next post after July 5 or 6

Remember how the viewer sees your illustration. Now the camera is from a birds-eye point of view.

I don’t understand…

Really nothing much there yet. A few simple walls.

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Yep it’s a work in progress finding a hard time to find the proper textures :computer: :desktop_computer:

thanks but I have a website…

They are just one on the list! :grin:

Oh my!
I meant texture haven

And I forgot to say…
Why don’t you see the final render ?
I posted the final render

The camera is somewhat high in the sky. A birds-eye view.
While looking at a building close by is more from a viewer’s height.

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