Old factory test renders, and final render

So, as this one’s texturing wasn’t properly done and there was a lot of stretches
I was lost on fixing the problem so I remembered one of Ian Hubert’s tutorials on buildings
and remembered cube projection…

and then I clicked it and it worked except I had to tweak the length and breadth of the UV
and came this
I even added a bit of lighting to it by making the spotlight?
actually, I’m not sure what you would call it
here was how it looked after I tweaked the settings

I was actually a bit satisfied then it came to my senses that there was some stretching
I fixed it and added some more detail…
and as it’s an abandoned factory I tried to remove one of the lights…
and also extruded some parts matching it to look realistic…

and then I saw one more stretch…

I had to fix that too!
oh! and I forgot to tell as I am using blender2.80
I used the denoising option
in the context(view layer)
and then… changed the sky colour to dark blue
I rendered it…

there we go!
rendered it like a boss :sunglasses:
if there is anything that doesn’t look nice in the render…
please make sure to reply about it!!!
peace! :v: :peace_symbol:


looks like you made a good job of that. Sorting out the glitches of stretched parts.
The front corner could do with adjoining space on the image texture there is a stark line of change there. The model could probably do with minor edge beveling.

I would have marked seams where I wanted them and used a normal unwrap it is probably a bit more work but more controlled.

2.80 is a very early version of the new big changes to Blender. You might want to use a later version if your computer is suitable.


yeah I know but hey,
atleast it’s pretty neat for a kid right :sunglasses:

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And I’ll probably work on making it better

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