The Empire Strikes Back

I had a little fun with this and learned a bit along the way:

  1. Applying materials to a mesh surface will only take you so far. This laborious process has me now looking forward to making maps for them rather than clicking and cutting the mesh to bits.

  2. I find my keyboard and mouse dexterity is increasing and becoming more second nature.

  3. I can see how a tablet could be handy. Perhaps I will get one, anyone have any suggestions?
    I am eyeing up the Xp Pen Artist 22 (2nd Gen.) screened tablet.

It looks like the Storm troopers were pinned down:

Here are the two bowling balls:

But an idea struck my poor head and shook me silly until it took t

The above was done with a little Paint…net rendering. It is a continuation of Wrong Alley. Below is without it:

The Setting:


Wow, such a nice project. And yes, after some hours of training your mouse en keyboard will be second nature. Great cartoon and a fun idea.

But then (in my own experience) you get in trouble in other applications.
In Word, I press ‘a’ to select ALL text … :wink:

A pen tablet can be useful but it depends on how far you will go in 3D and 2D arts. 3D and 2D painting.
Try to finish the blender course and see then how or why you need to focus. Then decide where to invest in. Personally I would in invest in better PC / graphics card(s). Because texture painting is a small (but important) part of the 3A arts process. Look into substance painter, quick win …


Actually made me chuckle :smiley:

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Unfortunately I tend to be somewhat like a renaissance man: study everything and anything “cultural”, exactly like Dante, except not smart. Among my different courses I am currently I am taking an drawing course (not the one here, since it was not available at the time), because I used to be an artist in my earlier years and would like to remove the rust. I plan on getting into digital art, 3D art, animation, and traditional art mediums (pen and pencil were my forte). This combination would seem to require both PC upgrades and a tablet.

For a better PC or graphics, what would you recommend? I currently have a DELL, here are the specs:

Dell Optiplex 9020 Tower Desktop Computer | Intel Core i7 4770@3.6GHz 16GB DDR3 RAM 512GB SSD Windows 10 Home WiFi HDMI | NVIDIA GT1050Ti 4GB DDR5 Refurbished

I recently bought an internal HDD, because just having an SSD seemed silly. After this I can add external ones to my hearts content.

But then (in my own experience) you get in trouble in other applications.
In Word, I press ‘a’ to select ALL text … :wink:

Yes, I know. I am doing a C++ course, so I am learning the Unreal Engine along with this one, plus I am doing photo editing on the side with Paint…net. Shortcuts do not always multiplatform well.

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Glad to hear I am not the only one chuckling :slight_smile:

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