The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 5)

We have just finished the 4th week of our Blender weekly challenge. One month already :o

This week I am going to provide the theme and it is:

Dreadnought Spaceship :rocket:

(big capital battle-spaceships like the Star Destroyers from Star Wars or the Battlestar Galactica)

Remember: these models can be simple or complex and whatever skill level you think you can achieve.
It’s our collaborative way to practice our skills to get something done with a specific theme in a given time.

Feel free to upload your model to sketchfab or post some progress pictures in this thread until next Sunday evening :slight_smile:

:+1: Fail Faster - there is no instant win :+1:
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Absolutely love the creativity from our students here. This is an awesome topic!! I can’t wait to see what comes of it, and I will definitely be entering something for this one!

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This theme is going to be awesome, can’t wait to see :slight_smile:


Just had an idea so quickly made a model of it. Semi organic spaceship (and yeah, somewhat inspired by Battlestar layout).


woow… that was fast :smiley:
I usually need a lot of hours / several days to produce something show able. I guess I need a lot more practice ^^

Well, I kept the model fairly simple. :smiley:

First Render of some ideas I am testing / blocking out since yesterday :slight_smile:

:+1: Fail Faster - there is no instant win :+1:
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A simple low-poly rendering of The Enterprise!! :smiley:


Can’t think of Star Trek without being reminded of: :smiley:

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Looks good already. Looking forward to seeing the result.

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lol :smile:

Battlestar galactica general shape blocked in …will never be able to finish this in time .details are gonna take a month with all the bits and pieces there are on that ugly beast haha AT first look doesn’t look like there is too much to her but when you look at a detailed pic up close there is tons of beams and panels and guns and more…


Really nice blockout! For the details: “fake it till you make it” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Gamedevcala! I think faking it is a bit beyond my skill level at this point …texturing etc is where i fall down! I actually find it easier to create the detail than to texture it on …i really need to spend some time on materials and textures so i get better at all of that! I love your spaceship, looks really cool and its unique not a done ship like Galactica! Very very cool looking forward to seeing the finished result!

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Hey again! This is my entry.
I didn’t have too much time this week to work on it, but I had plenty of fun.

After Alien meet lol

I did a small animation too. (The jet exhaust was kind of tricky to setup, and it’s still not how i wanted)
[EDIT] my direct upload was not working sometimes so i uploaded to vimeo]
Sometimes the video is not working so here is a link:



That is awesome Lucas, brilliant job!!

Thanks @rszarka !
Btw, the video is working for you? I can’t watch it here

Awesome spaceship @Lucas_Lima

btw i can’t watch the video too

Thanks :slight_smile:
Now is working for me, i don’t know whats happening

Just starting to get the details blocked in for my Dreadnought, it is inspired from Star Wars but I didn’t want to copy exactically so that I have more freedom to try to stretch my skills and creativity. It will take a good month or two to get the detailing in that I want to. :