The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 25)

Because of the fact that it just started snowing when I sat down to write this the theme for this week is Snow!
I look forward to see what everyone comes up with :slight_smile:


This started out as a snowman. I don’t know how I got here, but I learned how to make a simple rig on the way! :grinning:


Hello iam ryan its my first time to participate in this website good luck for me XD and u2 :grin:

and this is another Pic for snow i hope u like it


Someone didn’t look were they were going… :laughing:


As I was looking for some inspiration for this weekly challenge, I ran across a video showing how to use Blender 2.78 new feature for freehand drawing of curves. While I haven’t watched the whole video yet, I was very excited by this feature and wanted to share it since I really suck at drawing curves! I thought others might find it useful as well.

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My snowman (only in blender, outside temperature is 17° :sunny: )




Merry Christmas


Brrr…reminds me of the -2 F we had early in the week except we had ice instead of snow! Nicely done project! Are the foot prints modeled or a textured…they look very realistic in your scene.

I use a displacement map, very easy to do.

I think you did a great job!

This is a bit late but took me forever to do and ran out of time. I gave up trying to figure out how to get snow on the tree after I created it. Plus no time to try to figure out how to make it snow :slight_smile:

Seasons Greetings and Happy Holiday!


Your tree is wonderfull.

Hey guys! Well done on your Christmasy models. And just in time for christmas, too.

The winner of this week’s topic is @Aapef, with the wonderful snowman lighting! At 11 likes, he just scraped by from some of the other fantastic submissions

@Aapef, when you’re free from the hectic holidays, please submit this week’s topic.


Thank you but Ryan made a great submission too (the other are great but i like the atmosphere of the scene from Ryan).

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Of course! They were all great, I was partial to the low poly puppers in NixeKnox’s post. However, we’ve been going off the number of likes recently, and in that aspect, @Aapef had the most! There’s definitely enough potential here for people to create awesome stuff, though!

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@Aapef…Thanks! That tree took me 3 days and some major tutorial watching not to mention it is like uber major extra high poly. The lights are on a twisted wire and was a royal pain…the tutorial didn’t tell you how to fix the issue of the array modifier working but figured it out. I did use the Sapling add-on, although I would like to find a tree add-on or stand alone that would create realistic trees that weren’t so high poly. :christmas_tree:

@McFuzz…Stop hiding and start submitting! :christmas_tree:

@Everyone…Nice jobs on all the submissions! I hope everyone survives the Holidays.

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thanke u :slight_smile: u made a Awesome submission too and your good at lighting

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