The Blender Collab: Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 16: 2017) Sports

Thanks :slight_smile:
The ball was made with microdisplacements.

The Floor with a texture. The bumps in the floor are a mix of textures and noise. The noise was important for the glossy bump, so the reflection of the ball looks somewhat rough, but not like the typical way when you set the roughness level higher.

All in all it’s just planes and a uv sphere without any modeling except for scaling.
Here’s the solid view (with ambient occlusion activated in the viewport, so you see a bit more)

And the textured view

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Ty for the secrets :smile:

Can you show the images used for the material of the ball ?

Line mask

Displacement for the lines

For some really subtle scratches. This was also use for the scratches on the floor.

And the structure on the orange parts is a voronoi as displacement

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Great, thanks a lot.

Damn you guys are good!

A bonus for this week, a true sport from home, south of France, La Pétanque :heart_eyes:

I try to use the same technics than Stefan.


I Love petanque! The wife of my brother in law is from Quimper. But why on sand? It’s usually played on gravel :wink:

You can play on hard sand :grin:

I’ll try gravel for you (and challenge) :joy:

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And with gravel.

I had to put real displacement for a good render (with fake displacement, the texture of the gravel was too flat).


Is that a procedural displacement? That looks amazing.

Did you also try micro displacement?

@Jarhead_Junior it’s a plan and i sculpted it to make the marks of the paths of the “boules”. After i put a displacement based on noise texture.

There is another approch i used here The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 25) but it was a hand made displacement map.

@Stefan_Stockinger i try but the result wasn’t very good for the zoomed image. With the sand, micro displacement was good, but not with the gravel.

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Hey @Stefan_Stockinger your basketball looks really cool, I think. Just one thing can be improved. It is the displacement of the ball. When you have a look at real besketballs you will notice, that the bumps are a bit more regular and the gabs are bigger between them. The veronoi-texture is a good choice but you can adjust the texture via the color ramp. What you should have is a sharper edge between gab and bump and the bumps shouldn’t touch…

Thank you for the feedback. I totally agree with you that the bumps should be more regular. But you can’t fix this with a color ramp, since the distirbution of the voronoi is always uneven. Therefore I’d need to make a texture instead of something procedural. Maybe I’ll work on it later.

Hi guys. Well it’s monday again, and time to pick the winners. @Aapef, I’m going to have to only pick one of your submissions, and I’m just going to select the first one you submitted.

Here’s one I made earlier


If it stays at the draw, I’d let @Aapef suggest the next theme. I already did this one.

I have no idea this week :frowning: @Stephen_Jenkins it’s your turn :wink:

Thanks, here’s this week’s topic

Thanks so much for yours guys contribution! I apologize that I went a bit absent minded. It was a public Holiday in Kangaroo land and videogames are distracting :expressionless:

Great work everyone! :smiley:

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