The Blender Collab; Weekly Themed Gallery (Week 12)

Looks like I get to chose the topic this time and even though SWORDS was a past weekly, I would like to expand it for this week’s challenge.

MEDIEVAL TYPE WEAPONRY–Can be real or fantasy weapons (i.e. swords, maces, spears, cross bows, katanas, scimitars, catapults, etc.)

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Ahaha! Woo! I’ve already finished the submission for this week!

On the weekend I learned, tested, and practiced my hand-painting artwork ability! It could use with a bit more detail, but it was more of a test of concept rather than a show-off of what I can do.

This is now my favourite way to texture; I intend to perfect the artform and create mostly handpainted artwork from now on. I love the feeling of personalisation it has, and the cartoonish effect you end up with. It results in a style a little bit Torchlight, and a little bit Warcraft! But I still have a long way to go~

(FYI, if you go to the Sketchfab link and press ‘5’, you’ll be able to see how unbelievably simple this model actually is!)


LOL…I didn’t read the post of what you were working on in Week 11 till after I posted week 12. Hmm…maybe we should make you make more! :stuck_out_tongue: BTW…just teasing you.

Nice sword! I don’t think I have gotten to the hand painting part if it is in the course but look forward to it. I am still playing with doing metals creation in Cycles.

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It is not in the course. I went online and found tutorials for it (see: found out how to do in and then butchered my way through it by guessing and testing!) It’s a favourite style of mine and the first thing I’ve made in the style; but expect a whole lot more! It definitely looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in a Diablo-esque game or cartoony RPG, which is why I’m going to keep it up!

‘Weapons’ is a good topic, because as you say, it could be catapults, fantasy weapons, bows, or all sorts of weapons! Maybe even a magic tome or staves. (And, after all, the swords topic was 10 weeks ago; people will be able to show off their awesome progress!)

Ah cool more weapons…me like weapons haha Nice job on the sword mcfuzz your right would fit perfectly in diabolo or anything of the sort!

The Sword in the Stone! :slight_smile:


Hhhmm…maybe you should write up a tutorial for us on what you learned, McFuzz!


Is this challenge over?

No, it just started and, I believe it runs to Sunday when McFuzz communes with the RNG for the winner.

@Wesley_Acheson You have 6 days left! Plenty of time!

Believe it or not, @Morgaine_Christensen, but I’ve already written a Tutorial for hand-painting. I run a small 3D class at my work, and I made a very simple step-by-step tutorial about handpainting for that. I might rework it a bit, and post it in the showcase later on if there seems to be a demand for it! It’s a pretty simple couple of steps, with a few key things to remember. (Although, the most advance we get in my course is drawing random shapes on the cube x3)

Some cool weapons so far. I know a few people in particular who I’m looking forward to seeing their entries. And hey, maybe some newcomers could submit something surprising! That’s the beauty of an awesome community like this, and I encourage everybody to participate, regardless of skill level :smiley:


Never hurts to share! I am sure others will find it useful. If nothing more, gives others an opportunity to try it out for themselves to see if it is useful to them.

I have a small blog I try to post tips and tricks and share cool tutorials I found for those new to Blender since there is so darn much to wade through out there, although it is often geared towards those in Second Life. I posted a resource for texture images over the weekend and hope to complete one on making your own wall textures from composites of image textures in the near future. Some folks (raises her hand) tend to do better with written info than videos. Also, I tend to use my blog as a personal filing cabinet for stuff I like and so it doesn’t get lost. LOL

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Well I made the tutorial! It’s in the Blender showcase, but can be found here: How to Hand-Paint a model!

Hope that you guys can learn from it, and I hope even more that I get to see you guys make something for one of our challenges with this technique!

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We have a look at manual painting in 2 separate lectures:
Lecture 197 Painting In The Image Editor
Lecture 210 Texture Painting In The ViewPort

Both these detail hand painting textures.

FYI @McFuzz :slight_smile:


I really like the style :slight_smile: Nice work!

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SCImitar is blocked out with basic textures…now let detailing , unwrapping cleaning texturing and finishing touches begin :slight_smile:


Well, we had “swords” in week 2 or 3?

Because I have some side projects right now, I can’t model so much anymore on weekends
So I leave my Katana here as repost :slight_smile:


@GamedevCala…yes, SWORDS was a past weekly but this week it is expanded to…MEDIEVAL TYPE WEAPONRY–Can be real or fantasy weapons (i.e. swords, maces, spears, cross bows, katanas, scimitars, catapults, etc.)…so your katana fits in nicely!

@Michael_Bridges…I am slowly slogging my way through that Section. It is very different than the rest of the Sections and not as easy to understand. I have to push myself to watch that section. I think I am at lesson 203 atm.

Is there a specific set-up to use the iPad Pro and Apple Pen in order to paint inside of Blender? I just purchased Astropad a few weeks before I watched lesson 197 and haven’t had a chance to try it in Blender. It works really nice with an app called ProCreate, which is very inexpensive and similar to Photoshop/Gimp as far as layers are concerned. Seems to work decent with Photoshop CC 2015.5. Just never enough time!

Keep up the good work! Some really nice models being submitted this week.

This is really nice, Rszarka. I really like the detailing on the blade.

Well now it’s obvious for everyone to see that I haven’t done the whole course! ;_; I have been busted!

But I added my actual image and UV positioning for my sword in my thread now, so hopefully it is still useful, even if it’s content that already exists in the course!

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Managed a quick model this week… a Mace.
Im still offshore at work so dont have much time im afraid.

Losts of things I should have done, like create the armatures for the chain links and wait for texture mapping and materials section in the course.

but, onwards and upwards :slight_smile:


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