The Blender Collab: Week 22 Themed Gallery (“One more shot”)

So much work … I know you can copy the poll code as text, but still it’s not very maintainable.
And the outcome will be the same, I think. The one you would choose gets 10 points, all others less or also 10.

For me it’s more like vote for “technique”, “Creativity”, “Difficulty”, “Best low poly”, etc. Then I would vote for each entry different.

Well you are right , we can have a average rating tie , i think we would have to setup some criteria for it also , how about it we choose previous system this time also . it would be complex to choose a clear winner in this i think .

But you know it is so open ruleswisely that in the end, you mostly compete only against yourself. This is not a bad thing I believe, as everyone learn in the process which is the true reward from that weekly challenge. And the fact that it is so open allows more creativity being less restrictive.

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Here’s the poll for this week challenge, the improvements in your reworks are amazing guys!

  • Ethan_Martinez
  • Ricardo_Rodrigues
  • Wordofcurse
  • Tyger2
  • Myn
  • Blest
  • Sahil_Nain
  • Marcello
  • KStarr
  • albesca

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Amazing work guys!

I really have to give it to Blest (again) this week, it’s not just about the quality of the models but the story they are telling and I think the simplicity adds a lot to it, it makes it more comprehensible than others, more… personal? I don’t know what it is but the scene truly evokes an emotion.


I agree, Blest has a way to bring life in a scene with simple yet effective means


Oh, thank you, but I only try to solve the composition of the theme, playing with contrasts. And I don’t use many Blender techniques, just few. I voted for the Castle, I see there skills that I am unable to use, and it’s really well done, atmospheric, it looks like a scene for a mystical story, some “Dark Shadows” series. I want to learn more…



Recently I’ve been thinking about the learning process as collecting. We make these reusable assets (I reused the starry sky in this one) and add them to our collections. Or we learn how to do a specific kind of something and add it to our collection of skills. The longer we study/collect, the more things we can make!

I agree with what @Yee and @albesca said about your scenes. You have a good eye for color, composition, and visual story telling. I hope you stick with it. I want to see what you do with more tricks in your collection. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the end I went with @Ricardo_Rodrigues breakfast table. I thought considering the topic, the most important thing was improvement over the previous attempt, and in my opinion this one showed the biggest improvement.

Some random feedback:
@KStarr I almost voted for your pirate the first time around! I like his rougher features and the over-all style, but the new one looks like a better sculpt. I have also had a tough time using hair particles (see my “Party time” submission :laughing: ), but this one is a really good first attempt! Have you done the Bunny section?

I totally agree.

Second one is Skyrim. First one is Oblivion? Looks like a good start. Would like to see it when it’s finished.

I like the objects, but I feel like the composition is mostly empty space. It makes me want to see the objects up closer. I know it’s kind of the same thing I said about your robot factory so it may just be my personal preference, in which case I’ll shut up about it now :smile:

I know everybody’s different about receiving feedback. I want to give it because I’m always happy to receive it, but I know you guys may not feel the same way. Should we have some way of indicating if we do or not?

Good stuff, everyone!


The first one comes from Morrowind, the game before Oblivion, the second one actually comes from Elder Scrolls Online.
I find sculpting hard, I still can’t tell when it’s time to step up the level of detail and when to switch to dyntopo, I’m much more at home with blocking out the models, that’s why I try to work on it at least a bit every week

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Any suggestions for the next topic?

Your not alone in that opinion, after I finished it I saw how much space is unused, this didn’t catch my eye that much on the robot factory but definitely did for this one. Thanks for your feedback.

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It’s hard to find a subject right after the “one more shot” week, that was pretty epic in my opinion! Good luck with that! If I think of something I’ll let you know!

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Thanks for your comment, it is very generous to give that much feedback to everyone, it does take some time and even these days, time is still a quite valuable thing.

I think the first pirate that I make was mostly pure luck, I was absolutely unprepared for the task and the fact that it turned out so creepy was mostly accidental. But you know, I like to capitalize on luck as it is pretty much free! The second pirate was more controled, but less creepy. It looks like Robinson Crusoe more then a deadly blood thirsty pirate… Which is the proof that I need to get more control over my creation!

Honnestly, regarding my progress in the course, i’m still in the chess section. So no, I did not complete the bunny section. I’m challenging myself a little too much every week so I spend a lot of time on the weekly challenge and not too much in the actual lectures lol. I should probably skip a week once in a while if I want to finish it someday!



I believe there is place for new contestants, we should make some recuitement and expend this thing a little!

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Childhood dreams maybe

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Ancient creatures ?
Heroes / villains ?
Abandoned places?
Favourite animal ?
Idols ?
Stylised weapons / creatures / characters?
Low poly epic landscape?
Landmarks ?



@Ethan_Martinez, @Sahil_Nain, @Manu_Scheller Thanks for the suggestions, those are a lot of good ones. I’m going to tweak @Sahil_Nain’s idea a bit and go with “Childhood Games”. Choose any game(s) from your childhood (video games, board games, playground games, whatever!) and make something from that.

If you want an extra challenge, you can also choose a limitation to impose on yourself to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. (e.g. Only use primitives [no edit mode], Low-poly only, no image textures, etc.) Maybe we can share other limitation ideas. The point is to try to not do something you usually do, so that you can build other skills. This part is totally up to you.

Here’s the new thread. Let the Blending begin!


Time for a trip down wii and ds lane!