The Blender Collab: Week 20 Themed Gallery ("Rock 'n' Roll")

Last week was super fun and we had a lot of wonderful entries, let’s keep it up!

Don’t be afraid to join, a lot of us are beginners. This is all to practice, to have fun, to learn and get together.

Rules are simple. 1 subject, 1 entry, 1 week.

You create whatever object or scene or whatever you can think of that has something to do with the subject . It can be as simple or complicated as you want, all entries are welcome! Post your picture here in this thread.

This week’s topic is “Rock ‘n’ Roll”!

  • The deadline is 2020-05-20T13:00:00Z

Last week challenge

Hall of Fame

The winner is Marty McFly and the Band by @Blest:


Aw hell yeah! :metal: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :metal: This is gonna be a good one.

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What’s a Rock ‘n’ Roll band without a music studio:

Happy with how this one turned out.



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Good idea, I’ll add that.

Added a microphone and electrical outlet, was gonna add wires and plugs from the instruments but didn’t really wanna spend the time to do it.


I think you’ve done a good job with the level of detail relative to the size of the objects/scene. I’m not quite sure how to express that, but do you know what I mean?

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Yeah, thanks! :smile:

WIP. Can you guess who it is :smiley: ?


Posting a work in progress is a great idea, here’s mine :slight_smile:


A young Bruce Forsyth ? :grin:

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Close :joy:
The dude I am creating at least had a career from England. :grin:

Freddie Mercury?

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Yeah, you got it :grin::+1:t2:

Looks like him. You’re getting pretty good at making characters. Nice work!

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I was thinking the same thing! Nothing says “Rock ‘n’ Roll” quite like an electric guitar. Here’s my submission for the week.

What I’m struggling with most is time allocation. I try not to get bogged down in details too early but it takes discipline. I want to be able to prioritize better. Hopefully that will come easier with practice and experience.


Wow, I love it :star_struck:
Time management is hard: I do this for fun, but still I try to be sensible in building up the details.
Here’s what I’ve done so far: once I built the basic shape of the guitar worked on the fretboard, and next I plan to work on the body (put in the bridge, pickups and knobs and so forth) and leave the head details and the strings last.


Thank you @Tyger2 :slight_smile:
Im trying to get better at it :muscle:t2:

Your guitar looks awesome mate, keep it up :+1:t2:

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