Some annoyances with your website

You can’t use left and right arrow to rewind and fast forward unless the play window has focus which you must get by clicking on the video which pauses so you must click again. Needs functionality like youtube where as long as the page has focus, can control player with keys.

The next annoyance I uncovered only after a fresh installation of windows 11. If autoplay is on, each video begins muted with an overlay containing a button that says “Turn the sound on”. Sound level is also reset with each lesson at 50%.

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I feel your pain, my duder. Fortunately, we have fixes for both!

  1. The left and right arrow keys can be used to advance and rewind the video about 5 seconds each.

  2. The audio issue is suspected to be specific to Chrome and was solved recently in this thread:
    Course video audio automatically turn off at the start of each video

I don’t think it’s a Windows thing because I had the same problem and I use Linux Pop!OS. It’s safe to say the consensus was that Chrome is the real issue.

I used @Teebor’s fix, but it has been agreed upon that @Marc_Carlyon’s fix is easier.

I hope these help you out!

Game on, my duder!

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The video player was upgraded recently - it is a third party player and while embedded on the site is held elsewhere. The issue with the audio has been reported to the provider and they are working on a fix. This is not specific to this site and definitely nothing to do with Windows 11 - I use linux as well as Windows and both have the same issue. If you have ever used StackSkills, they use the same player and it also has the same issue too.

Again, key controls, that would be up to the third party provider to implement. Space does toggle play and stop so they do have some keyboard functionality but I could not say what.

The clicking the progress bar of the video does not pause the video if you click on it, but if you’re off by a tiny bit it does - that is annoying and there used to be a bit more tolerance.

Sound at 50% I’ve never experienced, at least for a long time. Which browser are you using? I personally use edge (even on Linux) but I’ll have a look in firefox - I do not use chrome…ever. It possibly could be a cookie issue.

You have to remember, Youtube has been around for a very long time (2005) and also these days is so full of ads it’s virtually unusable - no ads here.

I hope this helps answer your questions/helps you understand what is going on, at least with the sound issue. I hope that gets resolved soon too.


Update: The muted audio is fixed.

I can also confirm the arrow keys do indeed skip forward and back 5s at a time but you can hold down and it will skip happily through the video.

As for the volume set to 50%, not sure. This is most likely a cookie issue - you need to be sure you accept the cookies. The website has no ads so it’s not going to cause an issue there.