Share your set-up

I just have a single monitor running at 1080P 34", it works, but I wish I had my 46 4K on my other rig. I might set this one up like that.

So I have two monitors so at the moment I have everything default just so I can have the videos playing on one screen and then unreal on the other. After playing with it I do believe I will have one screen be the main game window and take everything else and reorganize it on my second monitor in the future to maximize the viewport with that I am working with.

Hello! At the moment, I have two monitors, but since I’m starting out from the basics after a long period of time, I’m happy to have a simplified, default layout. There are some things I’ve added, such as the message log which I feel is important to have in case errors pop up that I need to quickly check. So here’s hoping it goes okay, but I can easily adjust with my second monitor if needs be.

I have a really big screen so this layout is fine for me.

Happy with the default layout!
Now I know for re-configuring the layout setting! As the game progresses, I will change the layout if needed.

This is my layout for the time being. I might change things around later. I am using a single laptop that is around 15".