Share your set-up

Hello everyone,

I thought it would be interesting if people shared their set-ups and why they are using theirs the way they put it.

I am dealing with a very small screen real estate on my end clocking in at 10 inches, so everything is very crammed, especially with the videos on the left. This is my solution for a small screen but would be interested on how you guys are dealing with your screens.

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I ended up doing a Unity style layout. As for the screen, I have Unreal taking up the screen, and will flip back and forth between it and the videos.


My go to layout.

Happy with the default layout for now. That may change as I get more familiar with using Unreal Editor. Good to know its so customisable though!

I seperated it out into 3 ‘free’ windows. I kinda like this as opposed to it taking over 100% of the screen. We’ll see if i stick with it. [ Single monitor setup, though I have another I could setup if I run another long HDMI cable… ]

Used “Hide Tab” by right clicking on all of the windows for some extra space

please help. my bullcow game does not load and says try compiling it from source, and i do not know how to fix this problem. It says it can not be compiled!

I’ve used Unreal before but never really bothered to change the layout (and I was kind of scared since I didn’t know you could reset the layout.) Decided to go with this so I can see more of the main screen, plus you might as well have the details and modes in one tab since it’s unlikely you’ll need them both (and this project is based around the code more than the level design.)

I only have one screen but it is pretty large. I moved the content browser over to the left side of the screen. This allowed much more room to work with the game.

I Got a 3 monitor Set so got a lot room to work with

Laptop Development: I mimic’ed Amazon Lumberyard’s setup :slight_smile: with World Outliner and Hierarchy on the left side and details + modes on the right side with content browser on the bottom.

Desktop Development: I have 3 screens so it’s very flexible and versatile depending on what I am focusing on right now :).

Dual monitors. You couldn’t pay me to go back to a single one.

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I have One Monitor connected to my laptop(Cuz my laptop monitor is broken), And the aspecct ration of this monitor is 1:1 I mean its a rectangle with equal width and height. and this was the best setup I could come up with :slight_smile:

so, i would use the typical keyboard and mouse for code, although , for level editing. i would first open easycanvas on my ipad then i would use the pen and touch gestures to navigate, then only use a pen for editing

I’m rolling with a triple-monitor setup, so I have lots of screen real estate to play with. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll need yet, so I took some guesses:

I also snagged one of the few Unreal Engine themes available from Alessa “Codekitten” Baker.

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Running dual monitors.
udemy on the right screen and Unreal Engine (default layout) and Visual Studio 2019 on the left screen surfacing which one I need at any given time.

Once I’m not looking at udemy, I’ll spread VS and UE onto their own monitors.

I used to have a two monitor set up, but I recently switched to one Ultrawide. I lost a little bit of space but overall I like it. I don’t feel like I’m trying to look at two completely different things.

I switched up my Unreal setup to look a little closer to Unity, but we’ll see how my preference evolves as I learn the tool :slight_smile:

I’m going to stick with the default layout until I get the hang of Unreal and see which layout works best for me.

Though I do now have two monitors so I’m going to experiment with that. I think I will prefer one screen though.

I like the set-up as default

My Unreal setup looks like this.

I’ve got 2, 16:9 monitors and one 4:3 monitor so I’m using one for the lectures on the left, the middle is Unreal, and I’m going to put my code on the 4:3 one.