Share your initial ideas for your game

In this lecture we started creating our 1.5 page GDD. How’s it coming along, anything to share with us?

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I followed along with this for fun. Came up with a “Streetfighter/GTA meets Diablo” concept. I personally find the “fighting the army of undead” thing gets a bit old.


Here’s an image of my GDD (since I didn’t use GoogleDocs and I can’t upload a PDF).

“The Broken” is a voxel-art future-fantasy RPG that gives players one life per character. Inspired by Diablo’s Hardcore Mode; If your character dies, any progress you made is wiped clean. Inspired by games like Counter Strike, Fortnite, DOTA etc.; your PlayerLevel will determine any starting bonuses to play the game with.

Check out the GDD!

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Mythical Awakening GDD


Project Name
The name of the game is Mythical Awakening.

An epic colorful action packed game where you explore a beautiful world and scary well designed dungeons to save the Guardians of Nature from a mind controllling four armed villain.

• RPG / Third Person
• Action Adventure
• Swords master that can bend fire

• Everyone ( A colorful fun game where you fight monsters)

• Mouse and Keyboard
• Mobile

A fantasy world where nature is more alive and people are able to harness nature and use it.

•Unity 2018

• Steam
• Amazon
• Google
• Android
• Apple

Game Moment
You roam through the grasslands when you here animals scatter. You go to investigate and you find a group of enemies. Suddenly on the cliff side is a giant half earth half tree creature who is mind controlled and is wrecking havoc on the natural order of the area. You pull out your sword and face enemies and then you make your way to the boss which you engage in an epic battle of strategy, rolling slashing and fire. Always room for more fire.

Game Summary
This game came from my love for the bending system in Avatar The Last Airbender and my love for fighting different unique bosses.

I want to create a beautiful world that the player can immersive themselves in while having a variety of enemies to face. I also love the idea of the main character growing from this experience and become fit to be the next king.

You have abilities that tie in to your skill in swordmenship and your be found abiltiy to harness fire. You can increase both or become adapt in one. You choose your path. The game has a linear story but how you get there is always different for whoever is playing.


Project name “Old-fashion RPGs”
(Game name WIP)

Global Goal: With the configuration of gameplay and game design create an old-fashion RPG game that would give the same special feeling that is missing in the most modern RPGs.

Genre: RPG with a combined tactical & real-time combat system
Target Audience: Old-fashion, simulations-orientated, hardcore and role-playing players,
Controls: Click to move
Thematic Setting: Middle age technologies, post-apocalypse
Tech Stack: Unity 2018.3
Platform(s): PC
MVP Game Moment: Traveling and discovering a corrupted world that is full of mystery and danger. Fighting with melee(swords, axes), range (bows only) and have an assistance with light magic to fight with 4-5 enemies per instance.

Game Summary: Difficult, slow-phased RPG with flexible character development system. The more you use specific skill - the more you master it.

Core Player Experience: Feel the complexity of survival in the corrupting world and solve the mystery.
Central Story Theme:
Design Pillar:

Anticipated Steam Early Access Launch date:

Feature Development Priorities:

Reference Games: Spells of Gold, Arcanum, Mount and Blade: Warband, Skyrim (skills), Eye of a Dragon (game design, story)

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I love it! Post updates!!

Thanks, tho this is a screenshot from the actual game, and I’m mostly only learning right now by going through this course, just to give you right expectations. To make such a game I would have go from scratch :grin:

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Project “No Heroes no world” 1.5-Page GDD

Finding a Hero path

Genre: Fixed-camera, Single Player, 3rd-Person Action RPG
Target Audience: 17 yrs+, People who likes stories, like diablo II, Fable 2 etc.

Controls: Mouse + Keyboard

Thematic Setting: Fantasy / Monster / Dragons.

Tech Stack: 2019.3 with C#, 3D Max 2017, Zbrush 2018, Mixamo, Unity Asset Store for Scenarios and some 3d Objects.

Platform(s): Steam / PC

MVP Game Moment: 10 min of amazing story with some combats, quests and bosses waiting to be defeated.

Game Summary: Project “No heroes no world” is a Diablo style RPG with the fantasy and magic based on a old world or other dimension, where the magic was possible. Everything starts in a old town with a Old man telling stories to his grandchildren about the heroes that saved the earth 80 years ago. The grandchildren name is Jariel and he is son of Krugar, one of the generals of the South Kingdom, there are only 4 Kingdoms, North, South, West and East. Everything was fine until a rocks falls from the heaven and some monsters starts appear, The house of Jariel Grandfather was affected and some monsters start to attack, Jariel start to scream and the grandfather opened a magic portal and sent Jariel through it. This time the things changes because almost all the army was sent to fight in other lands, there is only 3 hero in the town. The portal used by the grandfather sent Jariel to a old town with some others heroes that participated in the previous war.

You and your new friends needs to become in the new heroes and discover how to defeat the evil that is affecting the world.

Core Player Experience: An Adventurer / Funny

Central Story Theme: The amazing Heroes

Design Pillar: Putting a Player in an emotional heroes path.

Remarkability: Amazing world, Magic and wars.

Anticipated Steam Early Access Launch date: Q4 / 2019 or later

Feature Development Priorities:

  • Level building and game progression
  • Combat with different kind of enemies to
  • RPG abilities (upgradeable)
  • Branching dialogue system
  • Inventory, loot, usable items

Reference Games: Diablo 3, Everquest, Fable 2, TorchLight II, Pillar Of Eternity

P.D: Guys I’m apologize if some sentences are not correctly, but i’m not a native English Speaker :frowning:.

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A game story in future, related to Mars(Doom like)
Project “RedWorld” GDD by Pix(Aman)

Genre: RPG with action adventure features.
Target Audience: Standard 13+
Controls: Keyboard/Mouse(PC), Touch for mobile devices.
Theme: Future(Alternate/Crisis)
Tech Stack: Unity, Audacity, bfxr
Platform: PC, Android/iOS(future release)

MVP Game Moment: Exploring the story in a different planet, moving and finding connections to past related to Earth.
Core Player Experience: Survival in a future doomed world.

Refrence Games: Doom(various), Warhammer 40k(Dawn of War), Halo(for storyline).

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Does it need to be an RPG? I have other ideas not related to this genre at all

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If you are not that experienced making games I highly suggest you follow the course and make an RPG, then with everything you’ll learn make your own thing, but if you have the skills then go ahead and make something entirely different right from the start! Nothing wrong with that.

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I cannot download the template…

Can you help me?

I finally got thru to the template…thank you