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Fire Ball
Fire with smoke
Spock just for fun
exploding planet


Tell me you didn’t draw Spock like that by hand?


Reference image. It makes it easy.


Love the Exploding planet!


It’s still amazing, even with a reference image. If you really placed all those pixels by hand, and it’s not just a scale-down of a bigger image, it’s amazing talent.


It’s not as good as Spock (which I agree is awesome), but it’s vaguely flame-like


Dat Spock Doh!! Great Job @Velcronator ! @teapot21 Your flame looks really Nice! (Well it looks hot and painful, but in a good way lol)

Here’s what I got :smile:

Some Flames

Stream from a Flamethrower, sorta?

And a torch to light your way.

Great fun! Can’t wait for the next one :smile:


Flamethrower and arrow flames looks awesome. Great idea.


My flames need some extra work. I had difficulty with this challenge.


In order: fireplace, explosion, candle, explosion 2

General technique used: airbrush, Fire Code palette, start at the top and work down in palette, putting darkest, reddest on first, then orange to yellow to white on top but leaving fringes of the red.

I tried to do “lava” but couldn’t get the dark places to look right.


Flames growing higher…


Fire Fingers
Jack’o Fire
Fire Ball


Fire is extremely difficult to do… Here is my attempt… Took a lot not to give up haha…


The shape is what becomes difficult for me with fire. I should look at more references. :slight_smile:



Candle light

Fireball spell icon

Fireball spell



My attempts for this Challenge :