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Attempts at making fire…
Fire 3
Fire 2


Match Fire - Match
Flames Fire - Random
Fireball Fire - Ball
Single Flame Fire - Flame


Lecture 19 - Fire - 01 - Campfire (-ish)…
Lecture 19 - Fire - 02 - A bit calmer, more collected fire
Lecture 19 - Fire - 03 - Attempt at a fireball or explosion
Lecture 19 - Fire - 04 - Gunshot or energy weapon


Here are my four.

Fire Breath FireBreath

CampFire CampFire_1

Burning Tree BurningTree

Fire Sword FireSword


See below for my four:

Brighter Torch Bright Torch

Castle Wall Castle Wall with Torches

Flaming Arrow Flaming Arrow

Torch (zoomed in) Larger and Darker Torch


fire-1 fire-2 These two were done with the paintbrush. I used the aspect ratio and angle and differing opacity values to get these results.

fire-3 fire-4 These were done with the air brush. I liked how the values were easier to build with the air brush, but I’m not sure I’m in love with the overall results. Practice makes better


Does anyone know how Mike was able to highlight the icons with the red lines in this video? I would like to do that my self. I think is cool and useful when visualizing and explaining stuff to my friends.


WOW all you guys work is so awesome. I hope mine is at least decent. Honestly I tried my best but I dont like it as much :frowning:

Fire 1Fire 2Fire 3Fire 4


This challenge was…well, challenging. The first image was made using the brush only, while the second and third were made using the brush and airbrush. The fourth image was made using a combination of all three (the third tool being the pencil).

fire - Flame (getting the shape to look decent was the hardest part)

candle - Candle (made me hate (then love) the airbrush. Of the four, this one took the most time)

plates - Lava and rock “plates” - It’s not fire, but lava’s hot and burns things.

execution - I had no other ideas. I apologize to stick people everywhere.



Fire 1 This is my first draw of fire and I’m very happy with that!! I’m really enjoying this course!!
Blue_Fire 1 Here is the same image changing the Image Hue, I’m not very conviced at all, so… I try to do another blue flame like this:
Fire_BlueRing it’s a wierd blue ring or ball, I don’t know… xD
Fire 2
Blue_Fire 2

And here are the color palettes I created and used: (sorry for the size)







Fire 1 Fire 2 Fire 3 Fire 5







I enjoyed looking at everyone’s fire. Great jobs!



Here are my fire icons! All made from a 5-color palette using only the paintbrush. Fire-3Fire-2Fire-1Fire-4

EDIT: I wanted to try one more using layers to help get acquainted with them. So here’s a bonus campfire:


Fireball FireBlob PossiblyFireRain Torch


I had a heck of a time with this assignment. I couldn’t seem to get the shapes right. Set a 10 minute time limit and only got three created. I’d love any feedback.



There are a lot of great fire icons in this post. Heres my attempt.


fire roar



I took my time making these. I also stuck to my original Icon concept as planned and tried to keep them all in a similar style. I love how they all turned out. Spent a few hours on each of them.

Behold ~ My Fire attacks!

FireBolt Fire Bolt
FirePillar Fire Pillar
FireSlash Fire Slash
MeteorStorm Meteor Storm


Far from be good, but it’s a try…