Share your finished transitions

Where are you going to take our player?


OOO! Nice!

@Lucy_Becker great stuff to share here!

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This course has been great, although you can see I’ve only been doing the basics…


But the big question is: why are they guarding a massive pumpkin?


This is a fairly simply setup. My son and I will be working on more areas in the near future. Turn CC on to display some notes in the video.


Wow! Really nice work. Looks like there are a couple of places that could do with using Cinemachine to prevent the line of sight blocking. But great job on using different assets and really making it look your own. Love the part of the cut scene with the fairy. Very well done!

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Very cool, is it ok for us to share on social media to help inspire others?

Part of the team

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Sure Lucy, go right ahead.

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Yes, there are a lot of things that need to be improved. I have a lot of line of sight issues that need to be worked out.

I just worked out how to add building interiors using the portal system.


Great Job @JosephSlone!

All I would recommend is adding some particle effect flair to the entrances of buildings so players know it is an entrance(portal).

Good idea. I will work something out. Trying to keep the camera focused on the player without revealing that there is no roof was fun, but I finally did it on my tavern.

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really a lot of hard work, was placed into your game, its easy to see and notice, i like the level design, it flows naturally, and doesn’t feel forced, good job with it.
may i ask about the character models/animations? did you make those/used assets? if you used assets please, share them :slight_smile: (sorry, i know it might sound rude to ask about such things).
(actually, i think it will be a good idea, to create an entire topic for your game, and share your progress for it, in there).

Thanks for the feedback.

I made the bow in blender, but everything else is from the asset store. Most are free assets. But I did purchase the Trees from ILRANCH Trees Variety it was well worth the purchase.

Animations came from the asset store or from Mixamo.

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Added transitions in addition to a few fixes that have been noted, like enlarging the colliders on enemies and making sure all of my buildings are static and rebaked navmesh and lighting. I think they work out pretty well. The side/non-combat level is really only temporary for me until I make new real levels, but now all 3 of my level exits go into the other level’s portals. There is even a portal from that non-combat level to my original sandbox if you can find it haha.

Hello, I’ve been taking the course and I’m stuck with something. I have implemented joystick functionality and some buttons for jump,attack etc to the game I’m working on. The thing is when i implement PersistantObjectSpawner code, my joypad UI stops working. when I portal to a different scene they work. I don’t understand why they don’t work in the first scene. Can you please provide your thoughts as to why this might be ?

Please post this as a separate post in #unity:ask with more information and code snippets.

I got it. I was using a canvas for my ui buttons and my fader canvas was masking it. That was the issue. So I just changed the sorting order and its fixed. Thanks anyway

This course is amazing, although i have a long way to go.


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