Select Bézier points top view workaround


I think that the issue is because of the Tilt points option. So just take them out of the way and then it will work as spected, after that reset your tilt points back to zero and you are good to go. Please refer to the following Video where I show you how to do it.


@AzuDev Thank you! I almost found it on my own with some fiddling, but I was missing the last part to drag the points from the middle from top view to create the actual curve correct. You video made it clear. Using Godot 4.2.1.

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You’re welcome

I also want to point out that if your path looks like it’s clipping through your CSGBox3D floor after you’ve been fiddling, check the Y position for the in and out of each point. The Y postions should all be zero. Sometimes it may look like zero but have a decimal and the rest of the number is cut off ( 0. ) or it might look like a negative zero ( -0 or -0. ). These will have been just slighly adjusted while fiddling with the tilts.


Thanks Justin I’ll be checking that as soon as I come back to the course!!

Thank you for the video! You absolutely saved the tutorial haha

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Thank you, we help each other as much as possible

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