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Here’s my implementation of the UI. Will redo the whole UI soon and share again :slight_smile:

Looking good!

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Kept the buttons as i had a crashing error so had to start from a clone of Sam’s.
Not sure what caused it but UInterface suddenly decided it did not exist any more.

Sorted now on to the next section!

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Lookin’ good. Would have loved to see what your other buttons would have been.

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Looking Good :smiley:

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my UI is different I’m implementing a login system

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Cool! You may want to use a seperate database for the login and not do that through Unreal (it’s not the best tool for that job).

Here is my ui from this section. A little more minimalistic, but they often say less is more!


What do you suggest for a database in UE ?

Yes. Very clean and Good looking. Good Job :+1:

i using gamespark for my game

i use mysql/php/json with all post no get and sanatise all input. not sure how secure mysql is nowadays but use latest ver.

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I could post my menu here, however it’s really not that special.
Also people would probably get offended by it. :smiley:

Nothing special,


this is my UI


See mine :

This is a link to download the game :

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