Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



My airplane! Basically 4 shapes and lots of extruding :slight_smile:


very cool :sunglasses:


Thanks mate :v: :wink:


I tried going in blind for my first attempt and wound up with a big old mess so I watched the rest of the video and I’m a lot happier with the second go around. It still could use some cleaning up but I think it’s presentable.

and holy molly there’s some great stuff on this thread! and one of these days I should try my hand at a tie-fighter.


Soar Dragon…or something like that :smiley:


Some really cool planes here


Anyone remember TaleSpin?


I have finised my little plane :grin:


Maybe not super fancy but I feel it’s a solid plane :slight_smile:

Forgot about removing doubles though so to make the top and bottom sides of the body I connected the vertices and made the faces individually which in the end gave me the same result.


:open_mouth: I seriously thought it was a reference toy! That’s is just awesome!!


Kinda had trouble with vertices, too much unneccessary ones since I didnt quite figure it out how to make so I wont need extra ones with loop cut and slide command. If anyone can help me explain how they did it, it would be of great help since its the main issue for me in blender.


I tried creating something loosely resembling a MIG plane. The tail fin is really bad but I left it like this because I really wanted to get on with the course :slight_smile:


Here is my attempt at the plane challenge. Also went for the passenger liner design. Quite liking all the Star Wars designs above.


Here’s my go, I’ve been wanting to make planes in blender for ages so I got very carried away.


Hi guys, here’s mine!


Hi, I made a space shuttle, mostly extruding rectangles and with some circles. Still needs some detail, but it is a base.


Just trying to create my personal spaceship. I made some drawings, so probably next days I will post more models :slight_smile:


This is my plane, I don’t like how it looks compared to planes I’ve seen in this post. I think I lack patient.

Now I will go watch how the instructor makes the plane ^^


There are some really great models in this thread!

My plane (more like an unmanned drone/missile thing, seeing as it has no cockpit):

And my low poly Enterprise:


block jet!! I used a mirror modifier at the end to complete it.