Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



Not sure how to do the rendering or materials but as you can see, I tried to make it look nicer with AO and the material. I used Cycles and tried playing around with the lights but they didn’t make a difference. I even deleted the lights and I could still see the object as bright as it is here.


I said to myself, “Self? You could make a block plane. Or. You could make a Gummi Ship.” And so I turned on Shipmeister’s Shanty and made a Gummi Ship.



Made it only by extruding a cube. Not too bad I think


Great job man! :+1:

You inspired me to do something spectacular myself, so I tried, not exactly there yet but medium-poly-ish is kind of alright to me (and I even fitted a R2-D2 in there)! :nerd:

X-Wing for the win! Wanted to go for the Millenium Falcon, but way out of my league! :v:

Here it is:


This took me WAY WAY WAY too long but I learned a ton of stuff.I really have no idea how to texure stuff, can’t wait for the class to get to that.


The Extrudinator.


My toy plane:

Bonus picture with textures:


So here’s my attempt at it. Gosh this is actually hard! Have to concentrate on the basics than the amazing imagined visual in our heads!

Hope this breaks in into someone better!

Amazing works done here! Bravo!


Hello, Can you upload this file if it’s not copyrighted or anything?



Here is my first attempt. I extruded the front of the plane to get the shapes I wanted eventually bringing it back to a point (and I did merge the vertices) Same with the back of the plane. I created a Sphere to add as the cockpit and stretched out portions so that it was elongated on one side, tilted the whole thing and placed it in. Added a wing, starting with a cylindar, modified the back to use correctly provide lift (idk if it would provide enough though!). Extruded the end and brought it together again. Duplicated the wing, then mirrored it and rotated it and aligned properly. Same method on the tail wings and fin.

Hope you like it!


Sure thing my man! :raised_hands: I am currently working on colouring it - I’m sure you can do an even better job in a few lessons though, it’s only low-mid poly. I do not own the rights to the design, Lucas Arts and/or Disney does - so you probably shouldn’t use it in anything commersial. :v:

X-Wing Plane Challenge for Lecture 2.blend (2.7 MB)


Wow, this challenge makes me realize I have a long way to go for serious modeling!


my airplane



after looking at everyones’ planes i thought i might also go beyond the blocking design and add more meshes ! so here we are.
( it was super easy since i used the mirroring feature ! )


THank you so much :relaxed:
I’m grateful to you.


You’re very welcome! :v::wink:


Here’s my attempt at a quick toy airplane. Can use more tidying up, but I did have fun with it. :wink:

PS: Seeing some amazing work in this thread… you guys are inspiring!


I decided to give the fastest manned airbreathing aircraft, SR-71 Blackbird, a go :slight_smile:
Also used the mirroring tool to make it easier to model symmetrically - comes in really handy!
Here’s the model:


Why model a plane, when you can model a TIE fighter?
I had posted a basic version on the Q&A for the video, but I realised here would be a better place to post. Im looking forward to progressing through the course and then returning to this model to see how I can make it better, and see how far i’ve come.

P.S I don’t know how to use the renderer yet so I took a screengrab :smile: