Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



Here’s my attempt at making a rough F4U Corsair for the challenge.

I’ve actually got an R/C version of the F4U hanging from the ceiling behind me.


I just noticed my normals got messed up on the left side of the tail. Such an easy fix too.


My plane!
I also have a doubt, whenever I build a model and then zoom in or out, it always zooms in or out too much. Its okay at the start but when I start building a model, the problem occurs. Please help.
BTW love this course!


It was a try few months ago


That Looks great good job!


I have the same problem how I have gotten around it is to hold down ctrl and click the scroll wheel this allows you to zoom in and out to a more accurately


Here is my plane! It took me a little bit longer than I expected but I think that it turned out pretty good.


I did an F4U Corsair as well! Always have been fascinated with this plane. I like how the wings fold up.


edit: much happier with this version :slight_smile:


Here’s my attempt build a plane… well it’s not much of a plane but I really enjoyed building it and it does look like a plane.



I’m not surprised you’re much happier with this version; it looks absolutely brilliant!


I’d be happy if I could model a plane. I’d be more than happy if I could model a particular type of plane!


I think it turned out pretty good as well!


Tried to make a passenger liner. Pretty happy with the result. :slight_smile:



here is my plane :slight_smile:


Here is mine I started with a toy plane and decide to go for a little bit more. Made every part on the plane separated. So the wings, the tails, the cockpit and then join them together. Way better than my little pig I start with.


A bit of a different type of plane :slight_smile:


this took me WAAAAY longer than i wanted it to. i was trying for something a bit more complex and after a long day of work it was really not happening lol.


Here is mine :))