Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



If you only want to zoom in so much, press Ctrl + MMB (Middle Mouse Button) and drag – make sure you drag while pressing these two buttons. By doing this you should be able to zoom in or out in specific quantities. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Here’s my attempt at a plane… kind of like a euro fighter type thing. Built from a single cylinder.


Here is my go at the block plane.


My version. Tried something different but simple anyway. Great stuff from the other students!


I tried making the main red plane lead on the movie Disney and Pixars collaboration planes.


Mine’s a bit simple, but it was fun making it.



It is simple, but that is the point of the exercise.


Still a very good joke!


Here is my attempt:


I am clearly a complete beginner lol some of the planes in this topic are amazing!


My simple plane


Reference picture and my attempt at replicating that - not too detailed, i know :wink:


I actually watched how Michael (the instructor) did it and I have to say it was really upsetting - it took me 10 times to get the same result :smiley:
It was really useful joke apart, there are so many options and “shortcuts” for reaching the same goal… I’m inspired!


low poly x wing, still have to realign the cockpit bevel with the … engine?? … piece in the rear


This is my block plane model for the Section 2 challenge. It is a Phantom Jet. The reference photo is below. The model was made only by extruding, scaling, rotating and translating the faces of blocks. There are only blocks in the model. The wings were made with the “Duplicate Linked” option discussed in the lesson. The jet engine was just Duplicated and Translated. There is no smoothing or subsurface modifier. Seems the main wings are a little long.


Everyone here was a beginner at one point, even Michael himself. :slight_smile:


Love this! Good job!


That’s how I felt after I had finished mine lol :joy:


Tried for a sci-fi look with the turbines. Very blocky though but a plane none the less ^^