Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



Had some trouble with the propellor because there were more vertices on the sides than on the top and bottom, but I am happy with the result. :blush:

And the reference picture:


Make way for one of the deadliest fighter aircraft ever created. (F22). :sunglasses:
Pro tip: for air intakes and after burners; extrude and don’t pull any direction. Then reduce the surface size then extrude to pull inwards. Don’t forget to flip the normals :grin:
Edit: Just learnt Insetting :joy:. Basically just the same as extruding like this


Sweet sci-fi aircraft. You’ve inspired me.


guys you know that you can use Sketchfab to share your 3D models here. It is really awesome


You’re plane looks cool too! Keep it up!


Here’s my toy plane…




Great minds think alike


Here’s my attempt at an F16. Looks really stubby but I really enjoyed the process…


And… if you scroll up to take a look at Kyliroth’s model… voila! Another great mind!


here is my attempt at making a plane. please bear in mind - I am not much into boy’s toys! :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s my toy plane! :sunglasses:


Was off to a good start but got some proportions wrong. Went for a child’s toy look


Hi guys! Gotta say there’s some stellar looking stuff in this thread! I am almost a little intimidated haha

Here is what I made. Took me some time and afterwards I realised that I could probably have done quicker with if I had reliated more on scaling while working.

Here’s my biplane. It could definately use some more work and I am not 100% happy with the tail. I might get back to it or start on another plane model


Here’s my plane! It looks a bit… square… because I though the challenge included using only the base cube, without adding any of the other primitives.


Here’s my plane in both Edit and Object views.




My challenge.plane.


Blocky Blackbird :wink: