Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



Kept it fairly simple and tried to stick to only the tools we’ve learned so far and use a single cube. The only exception is that I had to throw in some loop cuts to extrude the tail fins.


Probably not 100% anatomically correct, but I’m happy with this result.

I even animated the propeller!


Here’s my attempt:

So many of these are awesome!


Ready for barrel rolls


I put a solid hour into this one


Been away from the course for a while so I started over. Here is my low-poly fighter-jet.

It was inspired from the toy plane below.


Boeing? :smiley:


A single seater block plane.


A whatever you think it is kind of plane.


I’ve made a spaceship with a little guy inside

I’ve used the modifier mirror for the symetry, really useful tool !


Hello everyone,

I just finished these models. I enjoyed this challenge : i tried to make the Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop and a weird plane haha. It was quite difficult to link all th elements but it was interesting and challenging. Hope to see your works here ! See ya !


Hello, thank you for thz link, i wish to improve my skills too. Your plane is so damn good, well done !


Hello, this is my attempt at creating a plane! Hope you like it ;D


Just found a wooden plane in google and attempted to model it.


Plane with just extruding.

Found a short cut accidentally CTRL + R and it allowed me to add more edges to the body of the plane. Not sure what it is called. But it was cool, hopefully it will be covered in future lessions


This is my attempt. Damn it looks like the lot of you on here are seasoned pros. Makes mine look even worse.


Boing 737


Two tries of my first planes :)!


My aberration


Here´s my approach, you all have very nice designs.