Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



Went with a classic WWII plane… of course I wouldn’t recommend flying it, I kinda forgot to add landing gear!


honestly i was lazy or rather cautious with trying to do something on my own. But now when i see all the works from other members i feel its alright to loosen a bit i guess… :wink:


I also did just the basics so I can get a feel around blender. Simple but accomplished! Great job to all the others who really went all out. I have a large project and limited time to complete so I really need to know the ends and outs of this fantastic program!


Here is mine. I was impressed seeing all the other works here. I think I still need to work on proportions. But I’m happy I made it :slight_smile:


esto es divertido


Here’s my plane


Here is my block plane.



Here’s my model plane! I have to admit it took me a few tries to get some inspiration for this, but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.


Here’s mine (without a propellor or extra stuff). The reason it looks so smooth is because I applied a subsurface modifier to it. I could have finished it but I spent a long time on it and now I just want to continue learning.

Here it is with no subsurface modifier.

I really liked seeing the jets on here that some people did. Lots of detail included


I think I might have fused some edges too soon in my first attempt.

So I gave the whole thing another try.

They’re really simple and everything, but it’s my first time making any sort of 3D model ever so I’m kind of pleased just to have done it, though I definitely want to come back to this stuff later when I’ve learned more of it.


A Viper Mark II from galactica born from a cube and three cylinders.


a model from a wooden plane


vs model


Was going for a bit of a more “aggressive” style. Looking forward to learning more.


Hello! Thanks for so many inspiring models, guys!

My work:


Tried to make a sci-fi-ey fighter jet. I like using low poly cylinders as seen on the engines and cockpit. Not happy with the “waist” of the plane - seems a bit bare. Quite cool the interesting shapes you can make just by extruding from a cylinder and cube. I enjoyed “stiching” two meshes a lot.

Also, all these other planes are fantastic and its so cool to check out other students’ creations!



And this is my block plane

It could be refined a lot more but I rather continue with the course

Loosely based upon this reference image


I love this mix of rough models and high end spacecraft :smiley:
I limited myself to cubes and cylinders. Yes, rookie work.


Here’s my attempt. Kinda fat in the front. =)