Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane




Hey guys & gals, can see a lot of cool planes for this challenge. :slight_smile:

I decided to do a plane and a helicopter.


what i threw together real quick


For some reason that face got messed up when I rendered (even though I’m sure there’s no overlaping), but i liked the overall result.


hey ! i finish my plane it to me 1h-2h, it produce it from the to of my head, it is still prety ruff but with what i Have learn so far I feel it the best i can do.

if you have somes advises feel free, I’m still a biginer and i’d loved to Have your feed Back


That is NICE work.


I’m not a plane person, but I did it :smiley:


And here I thought I went further than intended…


I tried to model a toy wooden plane I found on google images :sweat_smile:


A block plane and a Buck Rogers jet :slight_smile:


Here is my Spitfire I hope you like it guys! HandPaint :smile:



Not a plane but still from this section and challenge:

Used the following logo as a reference:

Happy New Year to all of you ! ^-^


Started off as a simple blocky plane…and it turned into a fantasy plane that probably would never work in real life, with all the fancy bits on it, had lots of fun thinking for this one!


My little plane modeled after my grandpa’s cessna 210


This is my SR-71 version :wink:


Heres my Jet, Basically just followed the instructions.


Toy F16


I have no idea what this is. I tried without a reference and regret my decision! But hey, I’ve learned somethings about extruding, and boy did I have a time flipping normals.


It took me hours to get just this far but I got to use planes, cylinders, spheres, and toroids and I got to practice scaling, rotating, extruding and fussing with normals a lot. My biggest problems turned out to be scaling and positioning the parts. I still don’t know how to be reasonably efficient at moving a part in the 3D world on a 2D screen. I wound up using the TRANSFORM window (N) almost exclusively to get everything sized and lined up. Huge learning experience but not a very good result.