Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



Great challenge!
Managed to use a few of the skills from the lecture like extrude, while learning some totally new things along the way.


Wow, amazing model. Thanks for the tips!


Your toy plane is super cute!


I’ve made a few planes!
This challenge:

This one:

Dogfighter: F4U Corsair by cribmonsterkc on Sketchfab

And this one:


My attempt, the Nighthawk!:

I have to confess, that I used mirror modifier to help me, otherwise I would had lost my sanity :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Loved this challenge! Here is my attempt:

I was trying to replicate this Lego plane:


Nice. What theme is yours also by the way. I really like how cool that wireframe looks !


So I looked at all the google results for plane models and figured why not start at the beginning. So I’ve tried to replicate the Wright Flyer 1903. I can’t imagine how much time I spent on it! Haha. It’s not great but I’m quite satisfied with what I have achieved so far. It’s a mix of various references:

My reference images were these:




Everyone’s got such good planes! Here’s mine.


Kept it super simple. Toy Sea Plane:


tried making Zero fighter


My quaint little toy plane


Airplane challenge. Model is wooden toy.

Eventually I will be able to add materials and textures.


Built slightly more than a half of a Macross Valkyrie. Figured I’d wait until I learnt how to do mirroring cause I do not want to make that wing again. :laughing:


i’m not sure he can fly.


The future is here :joy::joy:



Did a toy plane but lost a bit of steam by the end could have done a nicer job on the propeller :grimacing:



Hi hi,
Here my challenge of the blockplane 2.27. Yep first time forgetting to save in time and lost my last version/update so I am going to keep it today with this version.