Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



well here I go with mine




Hi Guys, first post, thought i’d gone a bit over board but seeing the other planes maybe not… :sweat:


My plane :slight_smile:


Stuck with a true ‘block’ design. Nothing too fancy.

Tried to stick with a true block plane. Nothing fancy, but I like Bi-planes.


The model built by extruding faces:

The model built by extruding edges (it has some artifacts though):

The reference:


I had this ship on my head from an old game, so I decided to find a quick reference and use it as my plane.


My darling.


And the “rendered” version :wink:


@metalmiku how can I doble like the render for the awsome swag! :sunglasses:


Here’s my attempt.

Really tried to stick with “block” modelling and only Extruding from the original cube.


Amazing what other people have been able to come up with! Curious as if to whether or not they stuck with “block” modelling or used other tools/methods in Blender…

I wasn’t sure how to add cylinders that would still be a part of the same model without any overlapping parts. Especially when just using Extrude. Was going to have that small “spike” in the tail of my plane actually be a cylinder jet but didn’t quite know how to do it.


After the basic rendering and I used photoshop for the rest(overpainted some stuff, added random galaxy image as a background and added some colors on the plane).


'Ello all,

Here’s my plane! Well… ok it’s a Star Fighter more than a plane, but I tried to stick to extruding as much as I could. Nonetheless, I got carried away, haha. Also tried doing the playdough method of pushing bits/edges around and experimenting with shape, that was also really fun.


thats a nice one


My very first plane! I spent like one and half hour on this and it just looks like **** lol


Heres a toy airplane


Its a plane! Its a boat! Its a…


i think this is my best creation so far


Here is a quick model for the challenge!


Youtube a blender tutorial that focuses specifically on the kind of plane you you would like to build and literally follow the tutorial to learn how the artist used the #Blender interface Repeat several times with different model tutorials at the end the repetition of practice combined with the shortcuts and tricks you pick up and general use of the interface should mean you are ready to build your dream plane BUT more importantly by learning several different approaches you will have really improved your ability to manipulate the interface to create a model and be closer to developing your own pathway through blender.