Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



The models here look fantastic, well done everyone!

Here’s mine, I think I spent too much time on it but I had a lot of fun and learned so much about blender along the way!


My simple low-poly version - yeah it was fun!


This was fun pushing myself to see what I can actually do so far, I used the subdivide tool a lot and kept deleting and adding faces. My way of doing things felt quite messy and wrong so I did not finish the model. But it felt rewarding anyway.

(Also this is my first 3D creation ever, yay!)


Great job to everyone that posted!

Here is my plane…a SPACE plane!


This is great! You got your own video game in the works it looks like


my jet designed for a bee :smiley:


My plane :grinning:


Here is my work. I decided to do something little more advanced :).


here we are, an other xwing …

I’ve forget to rename my objects … it’s horrible :smiley:


started on the rotor and ended with a jet, what gives


I decided to go with a Lear Jet. I started with the block model and then progressed with a bit more work. Not sure how far I will take it yet :grinning:


Here’s my attempt to make plane. I started making boing and somehow ended with something remotely looks like post WW2 fighter.


My attempt at making a boeing 747 =D


Here is my new plane (from round 2)


This is my basic plane.


I followed this tutorial on YOUTUBE but a little complicated for me {newbie} but really interresting + good practice to understand the interface more >>>>
I’ll update this post when I’ve completed the plane :grin:


Thanks for all the info …Can I ask how you made the wireframe blue?


So many great models here!
Here’s my attempt.


Here is my jet fighter


Here’s my simple plane, took me about 20 minutes. I used several loop cuts and the Merge to First and Merge to Last commands instead of turning up the Remove Doubles.