Section 2 lecture 25, Challenge Plane



I feel like I’m much more of a noob than most people here, but here is my plane. Basically the first model in 3D. Let me know what you think!



Nice plane, no jokes i also see these amazing planes and it feels like im up against leonardo XD lets progress and make awsum stuff too. ^^ We will get there! one model after another :slight_smile:


Here is my plane! Practiced extruding in both blocks and cylinders. :slight_smile:


Awesome! And I think you should get a bazillion extra points for a Star Wars reference :smiley:


Beautiful job! You build is lovely, and the lighting too! May I ask what lighting/materials/settings you have on for this? -Thanks! -Bri


plane challenge
and upd invasion scene :slight_smile:



Okay…for about 15 minutes of work, I’m not gonna knock it since I’m still just piecing things together as I go. But boy do I want to play around more. The whole thing was just basic extrusions and merging edges and vertices…after looking through some of the replies I’m interested in doing more that involves things like adding meshes onto the basic shape and working from there.


Thanks! I feel like if I did this again, I could do a lot better now with the extra info I have learned. The secret I think I am finding it that I have to keep using it. If I have a week or two off, I forget most of the commands again.


There are some fantastic models in this thread. Great jobs :slight_smile:

Here is my plane.


Hmm, I’m feeling rather unimaginative next to some of these

I should mention that I did the bi-plane before the lectures about vertexes :unamused:


Getting Back into this - Tailspin inspiration


My toy plane:

and the render:


Here is my attempt at creating what hopefully looks like a commercial plane you take when you get out of dodge from Quebec during Winter to Florida.


Here is my plane


Simple, but mine :slight_smile:


My sophisticated plane :slight_smile:


Plane attempt


Here’s my plane, I didn’t do the propellers yet


Here’s to mine… 4th attempt (without wheels)