Section 1 p12 extra. Some poly invasion



Philosophy topics)


Another big environment project.
Starting from concept:

Initial blockout:


Building in unity


Playing with Unity standart environment assets, migrate prefabs between projects, played a little with VFX and take it from old project. Sound for ambient from free library. I figured out how it works, over time I’ll replace all models and textures with my own


WIP: Forest house, 8k trs without optimisation (approximately LOD0 - 8k, LOD1 - 4k, LOD2 - 2k)


Love your progress in 3D development.


Thank you, feeling as if just beginning.


WIP: Water, fog, fire and ambient.


WIP: Forest props
left to right: 412 tris, 196, 124, 82, 136

22, 28, 40, 34, 526

724, 616, 692, 568

~2k tris


WIP: Terrain textures


Amazing! Seeing the progress over time and other works is amazing! Thank you @jakarta. Keep up the awesome work!


@davidb1101 thanks for kind words )


WIP: Map update

Figured out how works triplanar projection via shaders (cliffs looks better), but doesnt work with depth : /
Figured out how works depth shader (for caves), but evolves light errors : /


For some reason I thought that UFO was dropping WWII-era bombs whilst chasing that car and I thought, “That’s brilliant.” Nice work!


OK have just seen everything else now - what progress! Great work… Love it all.


Thank you, it will be nice to somehow get back to the sketch ufo low poly scenes )


Back to the roots


WIP Sword asset
LP version



WIP Sword asset
HP version (~200k) LP ~ 2k

  • optimized LP with smoothing groups / auto groups
Optimized LP w Smt gr


WIP Sword.
LP model 850 tris w normal map

in progress

prep for baking in XNormal: LP, HP,cage

Result: normal map

Textures preview