Section 1 p12 extra. Some poly invasion



Part of future scene :slight_smile:


Amazing work. I like the idea.
Love to see colours later on the in the course.
Nicely done.


Thanks, in next time color + light and more detail )



I see, you are having fun. Light beam, nice addition.


no more resistant, run and hide :stuck_out_tongue:
with standart lights and paint…

Why low poly?

Dropping PODS … modern version of the “Body Snatchers”. I liked the old black-white movie …
And this low poly style!


human models in next time…like manekens))
and background


Wow! You took off running with this challenge. Great job! I dig the concept, the light beam and how much you’ve continued to add to tell a visual story. Two thumbs up!


@DocMonster Thank you :slight_smile:
It takes more and more time, when remodelling 70-80% details, but is very interesting and lot of practiсe


"Too much carry, and i say no more cows on a board, we are vegans"
Ok, background finally w more detail forest and terrain


Ok, time for action…

humans humans humans…next humans models :sweat_smile:
and cows, flying cows)



Wow! These just keep getting better and better. :+1::+1:


used: mirror mod, prop edit for blobs, sime duplicate edges at same place, sepatate and bone mod “veins”


updating Bestiary


Creepy alien! Kthulu vibe.

I like the scene, very fantastic composition.


@SilfCR Thanks, and its just 5 section finished, himself in shock)
still far from the ideal


It turned out not what was planned, but its more complex modular building with shape curves and different angles blocks


Finally proportional human model)