Section 1 p12 extra. Some poly invasion



Seems to be getting better)

Of course tests


When you know the whole process - progress is much faster
Сhanging the stretching and color - the maps can be applied to many objects, can not professionally, but effectively)


WIP test scene render:


Dungeons in the floor, I like this twist.


Fixed door, redraw pillar - now more readable, new cutout carpet, wall texture to bricks



Last hand paint for this scene

And final scene




Why so serious)

2k tris - still too much


AWESOME STUFF!! you have some serious talent :slight_smile:


@JD_Raven Thanks for kind words, but i have no talent, just practice as much as i can, trying different stuff and different approach)
I also needed a year before this level, but this is not enough, but the beginning is laid.
Progress probably is, the time topic reflects, you can remember where there were jumps and what they preceded to improve the process.


@jakarta Practice = talent brother, and vise versa. I would be super happy if i could do work like that in just a year, keep going forward, your going places :slight_smile:
solong as you enjoy what your doing, that’s the best part.


LP model - retop + UV, albedo map, smooth groups
almost done:sweat_smile:
(its not from my imagination, just tutorial)


Looks like its ready 90-95%



Make some waagh :sweat_smile:


Custom alphas pretty useful for stylized cracks etc, If you need to follow the general direction or style and saves time)


Time to dive into anatomy


So, bad experience is also an experience - from the beginning it was bad, it was necessary to stop still on design - it is terrible, and further as a … - bad uv, textures, maps)
everything is broken, lol


Vfx created test


complete rig for bot


Hand paint only :sweat_smile: