Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



Made a dapper boxman using a bunch of circles to make the facial features, this was fun :smile:


That’s really creative. Well done!




ze basics:


Here is my first attempt to Blender.


Hello All,

My 1st Bender Model!!! Long way to go!!
Thank you Michael and Ben


Well my first try at modelling, LOL not sure what I was trying to make but did have fun playing around with it.


Very nice! I also made a snowman.


Hi all! Awesome work in this post. Here is mine


Hello everyone! Here’s mine, i tried to make an old school tv and i think it’s pretty good for my first time


ObjectHorse.blend (1.4 MB)
I love these lessons and I’m learning a lot. Here is my Horsey. Unable to take a screen shot of this lesson.


Here is mine! Super basic, but cool to see what everyone else did!



Having fun is the most important, I think.
In Blender, you can use CTRL + F13 to take a screenshot :slight_smile:



Hi I am a newbie here . Here is my first blender creation .


This is cool…i love this


Okay, you made really good models here. Mine ist just… abstract. Could not invest so much time.


Challenge completed!


That is amazing! Nice job!