Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



I’m not sure if I’m supposed to post this here, or in someone else’s thread, but I thought I’d make a thread just for this assignment. Please feel free to add your screenshots to this post!

End of Section Challenge:

  • Create a Cube, Cylinder, and Cone.

  • Place these on top of one another.

  • Create 4 3D Editor Windows.

  • Persp, Ortho, Front, and Top.

  • Take a screenshot and share in Discussions!


This is the right spot! I like your artistic take on the challenge :smiley:


looks good!

you should change the title to “Section 1 lecture 11” :smiley:


This is my castle. It’s pretty simple, but I believe I grasped the idea of moving things about.


Thanks for the suggestion! I edited the title :slight_smile:


Alright! Here is mine:

I have just realized I did not use rotation at all. What gave me the most trouble was correctly aligning stuff. I guess you can just snap objects together, but it will have to wait until the next sections. I did find an Align widget, but I could not understand how it works. Nice work, everyone!


I got a little carried away, I was having so much fun! Really enjoying learning with the Udemy course so far, eager to learn a lot more, I would love to come back to my first Blender creation at the end of the course and see how I could improve on it and make it look awesome!


Holy ****, this is awesome! Did you have any prior knowledge?


Kind of, sort of, but not really, this is the only other thing Ive done in Blender following a very detailed tutorial that really took it step by step so you couldnt really mess up.


Oooh, would you mind sharing that tutorial?


Love the robot! This is so fun! Great job!


It took me like 3 or 4 hours with a lot of mistakes and problem solving haha

Low Poly Mountain Range Tutorial


Really cool robot Calvin!

This is my screenshot. A simple castle wall or something.
Looking forward to learn more.


Here is mine Its an Ice-cream!!!


Hahah I love this little guy, totally worth keeping him and using him in an animation project later on!


Mine is pretty simple. I’ve been thinking tropical lately and made some beach-y bar tables.


OK I learned a lot and had a lot of fun learning to use Blender. Here is my assignment.


This should look sllightly like a japanese pagoda. Hope you can see that


Here is my castle creation for Section 1 Lesson 1.

Yes, my screen may look a bit different than others since I know enough about Blender to be dangerous! I feel I need a much firmer foundation than I currently have. I have my preferences set to a theme and those settings I most often use. I have found the timeline just annoys me to no end; thus, I prefer the UV editor in it’s place.


I’ve learned that is is best to extend yourself a little in the challenges (but nit too much; that is for the next section). My initial thoughts were too complicated. I settled on a table saw. :relaxed: