Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



Here is my challange:


I made simple lamp it`s something


Ok, here’s my final results!


That’s my simple result)


Here’s my attempt:


Firstly, Wow… Some of these uploads are truly amazing! Made me not even want to upload mine but here it is!

By playing around and losing my self I actually found this the best lesson so far! I think a few options have moved around since this video was made but nothing too major.


I couldn’t make curved parts, but here is my torii gate:


Here is my robot using only cones, cubes and spheres.


Missiles!!! not sure if im posting correctly.


Well, here’s mine.


Here’s mine it’s a really weird looking monkey^^hehe


Hey there, time for me to do the challenge!
I made a rocket-ship with a tree nearby.
I took some liberties in by adding some colour and an area for them to sit upon.

A lot of great stuff out there, keep up the great work, guys!


wow that looks really cool!!!


Thanks! :smiley:






A workstation made of 12 cubes, 3 cones and 7 cylinders with basic materials and lighting.


figured id work on a silly little house. to be continued


Ancient Greece style pillar!