Section 1 Lesson 11 - End of Section Challenge



My modest effort - was confused a bit on how to inc length on one direction without incing it on the other


My first blender model using only primitives


Posting screenshot after adding the required elements and views. Great job to everyone building scenes with the primitives!


First time 3D modeling. Decided to go with a stone wall along with some trees


Well, i saw some very good things that you guys made. Sorry, this what i got hehe


Nothing to fancy, but I hope that I am on the right track.


It took me some time to finish, I always forget sthing - like the 4 different views. For me it’s not to easy to place the items on the top, I have to practise more…


Here’s my contribution for the challenge


My humble challenge, short and sweet.


welp here’s mine.


Just a little castle with a wall. Was playing around with duplicating shapes and trying to master those keyboard shortcuts! :smile:


I got a bit carried away, but this was awesome!! Here a dream castle!


I took a cone and a cylinder copied the cone flipped it and made a very basic UFO XD


My attempt


this is it!


A robot.


I made an ice-cream cone with cherry and sprinkles.


First Pass with basic building blocks!




This was my take on the challenge :smiley: